LiveChat Integration – Reduce Lead Leakage Through Website Chat Capture

Capture leads who come in through LiveChat on your website into LeadSquared with LiveChat integration

livechat integration

Capture All the Leads Who Chat with You Through LiveChat

Livechat integration - Capture chats as leads

Capture chats as leads

Don’t miss out on the leads that come to your website to have a chat with you. Capture them both when you’re online as well as offline in LeadSquared with LiveChat integration.

Livechat integration - Read what was said

Read what was said

Avoid confusion later on, as all the conversations are stored in the system. Read what was said and nurture the lead or follow-up accordingly.

Livechat integration - Know the lead's history

Know the lead’s history

Sometimes, the captured leads may already be present in the tool as an old lead. Know all the interactions they have had with your company under lead details, This helps you to know their needs much better.

Livechat integration - Nurture the captured leads

Nurture the captured leads

If the leads are not ready to convert, stay on top of their minds, by sending nurturing emails. Send occasional newsletters, or trigger based drip campaigns to move them closer to conversion

Capture chat leads directly

Directly capture leads who speak to you on your website with LiveChat integration. Follow-up, nurture and engage them through LeadSquared.

Livechat integration - Capture

Livechat Integration - lead tracking

Easy lead tracking

Find out how the leads are being followed up. Know what mails they are getting, as well as what pages they visit on your website.

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