Connect Your Online Store Through LeadSquared Shopify Integration

Integrate your Shopify store with LeadSquared through Zapier

Shopify integration - cover

Manage, track and nurture all your store visitors through LeadSquared

shopify integration - Manage all your customers

Manage all your customers

Shopify integration lets you capture all your subscribers in LeadSquared from your Shopify store. Exchange data between your store and CRM constantly without any manual intervention.

shopify integration - Track each new order

Track each new order

Capture new orders that come in from your store. Know if it’s from a new or old user. Know what they did, and how long they spent on your store before reaching a buying decision.

shopify integration - Get behavioural insights

Get behavioural insights

Know what each user does on your store. What product categories they are more inclined towards and how often they shop on your store. Use this information to target them better.

shopify integration - Segment leads into lists

Segment leads into lists

Easily segment leads into lists based on the lead age, their buying preferences, geography and more. Access these lists for nurturing campaigns.

shopify integration - Nurture your leads easily

Nurture your leads easily

Send promotional emails based on their buying patterns. Send discount offers, related products, end of season sale notifications and more. Trigger emails based on activities like cart abandonment.

shopify integration - Get detailed analytics

Get detailed analytics

Get data on the lifecycle of a customer, the best selling products, or total products purchased. This can be customized to reflect weekly, monthly, annual data or even from custom time periods.

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