RingCentral Integration - Capture Phone Calls as Leads

Capture all your inbound phone calls, missed calls and voicemail inquiries with LeadSquared's RingCentral integration


Don't miss phone calls while you are away

Automatically capture inbound calls as leads

If you use RingCentral, LeadSquared’s RingCentral integration would help you capture all phone calls and missed calls as leads within LeadSquared.

Capture the conversation in lead activities

Record the exchange that happens between the prospect and the sales person, and listen to the recordings within LeadSquared with RingCentral integration.

Automate lead distribution

Distribute the leads that come in as calls into your system. Set a pre-defined set of rules to ensure that all calls are evenly distributed.

Set scores and qualify your leads

Set quality scores based on the context of the call to ensure that junk leads are removed right from the start. Only send qualified leads to the sales team.

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