Out of the Box RingCentral Integration with CRM

Capture Phone Calls, Text Messages, and Voicemails as Leads.

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Convert calls into leads for better nurturing

By integrating RingCentral with LeadSquared CRM, you can seamlessly capture all your inbound phone calls, missed calls, text messages, and voicemail inquiries as leads.

RingCentral provides enterprise cloud communication services. It empowers today’s mobile workforce to communicate, collaborate, and connect via message, video, and phone calls. If you are already using RingCentral, then now is the time to integrate it with CRM software to track the lead journey, automate follow-ups and reminders, and deliver better customer experiences.


Lead Capture software - Capture Phone Calls as Leads

Benefits of RingCentral Integration with LeadSquared

It is very human to miss a call. But the phone call that you missed just now could be from a potential customer. When you call back, the caller might not receive the phone, and eventually, you will lose track of the caller. You will never miss a follow up if you consider phone calls or voicemails as leads. You can track and automate communications with the Leads by integrating your app with CRM. If the caller is not responding to your call, then through CRM software, you can send SMS or Email and schedule a reminder for a call.

 ringcentral integration - Automatically capture inbound calls as leads

Automatically capture inbound calls as leads

If you use RingCentral, integrating with LeadSquared CRM can help you capture all phone calls and voicemails as leads within LeadSquared.

 ringcentral integration - Capture the conversation in lead activities

Capture the conversation in lead activities

Record RingCentral calls between the prospect and the salesperson. You can listen to the recordings within LeadSquared for quality management.

 ringcentral integration - Automate lead distribution

Automate lead distribution

Distribute the leads that come in as calls into your system. Create a pre-defined set of rules to ensure even distribution of calls among your salesforce.

 ringcentral integration - Set scores and qualify your leads

Set scores and qualify your leads

Set quality scores based on the context of the call to ensure that junk leads are removed right from the start. Send only qualified leads to the sales team.

LeadSquared CRM Benefits

Lead Management

  • Lead Tracking
  • Lead Qualification & Scoring
  • Duplicate Blocking
  • Zip Code Based Distribution
  • Performance-based Distribution
  • Distribution Capping

Sales Management

  • Smart Views for Sales Reps
  • Sales Tracking
  • Tasks Reminders and Follow-ups Notifications
  • Conversation Tracking
  • Role-based Access
  • Sales Performance Reports

Sales Communication

  • Communication Automation
  • One-on-one Emails
  • Text Messages
  • Phone Call Tracking

Mobile CRM

  • Check-in/Check-out & Geo-tracking
  • Call Recording
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Offline Functionality
  • Virtual Training

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If you are using more applications, LeadSquared CRM can integrate with almost every dialler, telephony, content management, chat, email, social media, and e-commerce platforms.

LeadSquared CRM + RingCentral for Healthcare

Healthcare CRM

RingCentral for healthcare makes communication simple for providers, payers, and life sciences. LeadSquared’s HIPAA compliant CRM ensures the privacy and security of patient data. Key benefits:

Maintain patient profile: You can access patient demographics, social profiles, and behavioral data (activity tracking, phone calls, emails, text messages, and walk-ins), medical and appointment history on a single platform.

Integrations: Connect applications like hospital information system, patient management system, appointment scheduling, healthcare call center, EMRs, and patient portal.

Relevant communication: Regular information exchange between your healthcare CRM and other caregiving tools ensure that no conversation is triggered based on outdated information.


LeadSquared CRM + RingCentral for Retail

While RingCentral allows you to connect with customers online, integrating with LeadSquared CRM can let you route calls to the appropriate salesperson, manage all your products, teams, and processes in a single platform. With this – you will never miss a sales opportunity!

Key benefits:

You can capture inquiry calls as leads without missing even a single lead (Zero lead leakage). LeadSquared vendor onboarding software can integrate with multiple third-party apps. You can sure of connected teams and call centers for a quicker turnaround time.


Vendor onboarding software - vendor engagement campaigns

LeadSquared CRM + RingCentral for Education

Higher education CRM - lead capture automation

LeadSquared Education CRM lets you integrate RingCentral for Education to connect and engage admission staff, faculties, and students. It allows:

Lead distribution: Define rules to automatically assign inquiries to salespeople.

Lead qualification: Assign scores and qualify inquiries to help your salespeople prioritize their tasks. Alert salespeople as soon as students take action on your website, email, etc.

Smart Views: Give your counselors customizable task views to plan their day better.

Sales tracking: Track everything – from conversations, activities, team performance, to closures.


LeadSquared CRM + RingCentral for Financial Services

RingCentral for financial services lets you support clients via voice, chat, SMS, and email-based communications. You can elevate your services and deliver real-time, personalized experiences through CRM integrations. LeadSquared CRM offers custom-built solutions for insurance and lending industries.

Lending CRM: LeadSquared new-age lending CRM is a one-stop solution to manage all your processes and teams – Sales, Call Center, Field Sales, Collections, and more.


Insurance CRM: It is the best CRM software to sell more policies from all your distribution channels – STP (digital sales), call center, bancassurance, agencies, brokers, and field sales​.


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RingCentral Integration FAQs

What is RingCentral used for?

RingCentral is a cloud-based communication solution for enterprises. It lets your workforce connect with customers and prospects via message, video, and phone calls. Since it is a cloud solution, users can use its services from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

How do I install RingCentral?

Installing RingCentral on your CRM is very easy. After integrating RingCentral, you can:
1.Make calls directly from your CRM.
2.Create new leads automatically through incoming calls, text messages, and voicemails.
3.View call logs with downloadable recordings.
Installation help: texting connectortelephony connector

What is the best CRM to integrate with RingCentral?

Since RingCentral is a cloud communication solution, it is best to integrate it with a cloud-based / SaaS CRM such as LeadSquared. Features and Benefits.

Is it possible to integrate RingCentral with CRM?

Yes, you can integrate CRM with RingCentral to automate and manage communications more effectively.

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