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Callrail Integration - Simple Inbound Call Capture

Capture all your inbound phone calls, missed calls and voicemail inquiries with our CallRail integration

CallRail integration - cover

All inbound calls land as leads in the LeadSquared tool

 CallRail integration - Add those who call you as leads

Add those who call you as leads

Capture all calls that come in to you as leads inside LeadSquared. Even people who leave voicemail or a missed call are added into the tool

 CallRail integration - Make and track calls from the tool

Make and track calls from the tool

Make and receive calls from within the CRM itself. No need to switch between platforms. The recordings of each call are also available under the lead’s details.

 CallRail integration - Get captured lead alerts

Get lead capture alerts

Get notified every time a new lead is assigned to you. Know where they came from, whether they are a new or old lead by reviewing their history. Additionally, know which pages on your website they have visited and how much time they have spent on them.

 CallRail integration - Set up easy tasks and reminders

Set up easy tasks and reminders

For each new lead that has been assigned to you, set up tasks to follow up. Create reminders as well for the leads, so that you don’t miss out on any leads. All this within the tool itself.

Capture your calls

All calls that come into your system are automatically captured, including missed calls and voice mails into your LeadSquared with CallRail integration.

CallRail IVR integration - call capture

CallTrackingMetrics Integration -lead-capture-alert

Get lead capture alerts

Know when a new lead is assigned to you. Get notifications right on the tool. Set up tasks and reminders to ensure follow-up.

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