Increase Your Store Sales with LeadSquared Magento Integration

Magento and LeadSquared work together via Zapier


With Magento integration, track store users and convert them into regular buyers

Pull user & order details into LeadSquared

Magento integration lets you capture details of your new store subscribers and their orders from Magento into LeadSquared. Keep your store management and marketing systems completely synced.

Encourage sales with triggered emails

Capture all important user activities, including cart abandonment details into LeadSquared. Increase sales by reminding these users to finish their purchases.

Track and nurture your store subscribers

Know what your store subscribers are looking for by tracking their activities. Use this information to target them with perfectly timed and highly personalized offers and promotions.

Send upsell and reorder emails

Track users to know what they are buying, and send them timely emails with related products, and products that would need to be reordered.

Get detailed user and order analytics

Get details on the lifetime value of a customer, their average order value, total purchases made, and get details on every individual purchase made by them.

Send special offers to high value users

Because you know the lifetime value of customers, their interests, and their buying patterns, you can send special deals to your special customers at just the right time.

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