What is Sales Enablement And How it Can Impact Your Business

Sales enablement – is it another corporate buzzword, or does it actually have some weight to it? Sales enablement has become a hot topic in businesses as of late. There are emerging software, staff, and services which claim to help with the sales enablement process. However, before we can dive into all that, we must first understand what sales enablement truly is!

Sales Enablement

Simply put, sales enablement refers to equipping a selling organization with the tools, data, resources, and content they need in order to help their salespeople sell more effectively. Sales enablement is supposed to give a salesperson everything they need in order to engage with the buyer. And, they also help them throughout their own buying process as they move further and further down the sales funnel.

You see, although salespeople are naturally skilled at selling things to people, they often cannot do it alone – they require certain information, tools, resources and software to help them grease the wheels. Sales enablement helps salespeople to push someone down the sales funnel more easily, rather than blindly hoping that they will end up falling down it by accident.

What is sales enablement equipping salespeople with?

Sales enablement resources often take the form of customer-facing information and content, in addition to tools such as CRM systems like LeadSquared, which help salespeople to be better armed with relevant data which can help them to make a sale. In addition to providing this data, sales enablement should also organize it in a quick and easy-to-digest manner.

Sales Enablement

Of course, your salespeople should know how to leverage these resources in the best manner for making more sales. As a result, training your sales team is an essential aspect of sales enablement. Ultimately, you can provide them with all the best CRM systems and sales processes in the world, but if they don’t know how to harness them, then you’re wasting your time. With such technology, it is easier than ever to make the training process ongoing and continuous.

Nonetheless, your salespeople should not have to work too hard in order to leverage sales enablement. In other words, the systems and software you set up for sales enablement purposes should be intuitive and straightforward. Because this will reduce downtime and any user confusion. The easier the resources are to use, the more likely that your salespeople are going to actually use them and generate more sales for your company.

The metrics of sales enablement

With staff adoption rates in mind, you should ensure that your sales enablement systems offer a pleasant user experience which makes the user return organically. You can use monitoring tools which assess how often your sales team are using a sales enablement tool. And, even whether they are using them at all. This should help you to assess the usage of your sales enablement tools and see whether you might need to make changes (or enforce engagement) in order to get staff to use them more. You can also track the effectiveness of the resources. And whether they do indeed increase sales, which helps you to keep an eye on your ROI.

Sales Enablement

More specifically, there is a bunch of metrics that you could track in order to assess the effectiveness of your sales system. For instance, you could track the average sales cycle length, the number of staff achieving their quota, and the average size of your deals. Of course, you can track many more metrics than these. And many of them relate to specific niches and industries too. Nonetheless, by keeping track of these metrics and comparing them to historical data, you can see the effect that sales enablement is having on your business.

Why should companies care about sales enablement?

Sales enablement is scalable, consistent, and easily repeatable. If used properly, sales enablement services should help you to make your business more level and consistent. Without drastic ups and downs in your sales figures, you can achieve more reliable steady flows. This suggests that your salespeople are using similar effective techniques.

You also have an opportunity to level the playing field a little bit in your organization. Instead of having 1 or 2 rockstar employees who are lightyears ahead of their coworkers, you can have a whole team of salespeople who more consistently achieve their sales quotas. All thanks to the powerful tools and resources that they are suddenly able to harness and help themselves with.

Start with the aims of the business and move down. And, you will be able to carve out a sales enablement strategy which is feasible and powerful for your business. Whether you’re giving your employees additional sales training or you’re providing them with access to CRM systems such as LeadSquared, you are able to increase your sales and ensure that the sales process overall in much more consistent and reliable.

The bottom line

Ultimately, every organization wants to increase its sales figures, as well as make its sales trends more consistent and reliable. There’s nothing worse than rocky and unreliable sales figures which spike up and down haphazardly. With proper sales enablement processes, you can easily grow your figures and scale your business sustainably. No more rolling the dice on unpredictable sales.

Furthermore, you can improve staff morale and employee retention by making work a lot easier for your salespeople. You can provide them with everything they need in order to facilitate sales, convert leads, and convince people to slide down the sales funnel. By accessing customer data, records, historical data, and much more, your salespeople are fully equipped with an arsenal of tools to sell any product to any customer, no matter how difficult or demanding they are being with you.

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