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Learn how to boost your business efficacy and lead conversion rates with cloud telephony and CRM.


  • Mr. Georgi Makarenko, General Manager, CallGear
  • Mr. Vinay Kannan, Senior Technical Product Manager, LeadSquared

Cloud Telephony has developed a lot over the past two decades. The technology itself has been improved with the help of millions of customer feedbacks and trial and errors. Businesses are growing, becoming multinational, and multi-branching. 

How do cloud telephony and CRM work together to streamline conversations with prospects

When a sales/ marketing call takes place between the agents and a prospect, the required data will pass through CRM software.

Then, with an add-on feature of ACT, all the data about phone calls will be passed on to Virtual PBX.

virtual PBX

The PBX tool provided by CallGear has simple dashboards that can visualise where you are getting the inquiries and calls from down to keyword level. Other features provided by CallGear help understand the quality of those leads and calls.

This information is then passed on to LeadSquared with tags, wherein they can be sent to the sales pipeline and can then be processed within LeadSquared.

LeadSquared provides a no code platform which allows any integration of any telephony provider. CRM CPI connector supports all the problem functionalities like click-to-call where the agent can just click on the phone number and then start a conversation with the prospect.

click to call

The benefit of having a CRM and cloud telephony together doesn’t end there.

You can customize your CRM to include disposition forms as per your business needs. This way, the agent can fill in the required details while conversing with the prospect and the record is automatically updated in the CRM.

CRM customization

Any organisation can select different information depending on the direction of the call and present different form fields in each of those forms.

A call log API doesn’t miss any conversation material of the status of the call, whether it’s answered, unanswered or if the customer is unavailable. Just depending on all the stages of the call, the API is received via Webhooks, and everything gets saved and loaded into the CRM.

Cloud telephony providers also offer IVR services. IVR helps go through conversations with the customers until an agent is available.

If needed, the API can be consumed to identify who the lead owner is, so that the customers who were on the IVR can skip the call and directly get routed to the agent. After the API is configured, the information is passed on to the telephony system.

interactive voice response IVR

Auto callback tool helps track the potentials on the waiting list and politely informs them that they would be called back.

The calls can be distributed to multiple teams based on predefined logic or in a round-robin manner.

So, these were some of the many benefits of integrating CRM with cloud telephony solutions.

Now, let’s briefly discuss why you need to have a digital call flow system.

The importance of having a digital call flow system

Phone calls, whether they are inbound or outbound, have a big impact on the business and it’s very important to have an overview of them.

It is important to have accurate dashboards across different departments like sales, customer support or call centre, which could give clear and easy-to-read metrics.

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Analyzing and evaluating the business calls and the team performance can be done in various ways:

  • Customers generally don’t save phone numbers. Instead, they search for the businesses online or click on the website / Google Ads / Google My Business number and call. So, inbound, and outbound call speech analysis can help make a tedious physical work quite efficient.
  • Creation of a multi-level IVR system can help inspect, monitor and intervene inbound and outbound calls, helping the manager trace back to the department or agent managing the call in real time.
  • This system can help maintain a customer agent relationship continuously by tracing the caller’s previous interactor and connecting to the same.
  • The auto call-back tool helps prevent the inquiries from dropping out of a call on wait.
  • CRM software like LeadSquared provide automated reminders to respective agents with call analysis and forms to follow-up on missed calls / voicemails. Thus, helping you boost your conversion rates by not missing out on inquiries.

Marketing tools that come handy with cloud telephony

Widgets of the Call-back request, pop up widgets and integration with forms are a few tools that can extensively support Cloud Telephony.

You can easily integrate lead capture forms on the website and ad landing pages.

As soon as a form is submitted, call-back request feature can be created for various scenarios.

Campaign tracking is possible through UTM tags. By assigning a dedicated number, it is possible to track offline campaign sources like billboards.

Perks of adopting cloud telephony

Cloud telephony helps secure all the business personal data in case of any issue with displacement in location or having a remote office. 

  • It helps cut down costs on human resource.
  • No complicated installations required.
  • The customer demographics can be tracked easily.
  • Helps expand the business in locations which are geographically away from each other.
  • There is no limit on cloud storage.
  • Rapid provision of service.

“Whenever a form is submitted, if a sales manager doesn’t get in touch with the lead within the first five minutes, there is an 85% chance of losing that lead.” – Georgi Makarenko, General Manager, CallGear

The key to increasing conversion rate is speed and cloud telephony induced with inbound and outbound call analysis, which conduct a push on the team to work rapidly. LeadSquared helps in exactly this.

Find out how.


Georgi Makarenko

Georgi Makarenko
General Manager, Call Gear

Georgi is a dynamic and achievement-driven professional with over 13 years of international experience, primarily in the UAE. He has been a part of numerous startups and all of them are now well-functioning businesses. Georgi holds a fair share of experience in the telecom industry, right from managing business centers & consultancy, to private aviation, he is now back to IT/Telecom. 

Vinay Kannan

Vinay Kannan
SR. Technical Product Manager, LeadSquared

Vinay is part of the Apps and Marketplace team at LeadSquared and takes care of the Telephony integrations. He comes with over 12 years of experience, in application development, business consulting, and product management. Outside of work, he loves riding a bike, loves traveling with family, and is a pet lover.

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