Unbounce Integration- Never Let Your Leads Bounce Away

Capture, engage and nurture your Unbounce Landing Pages

unbounce lead integration

Capture leads from Unbounce

Automatically capture your leads

LeadSquared automatically captures all your leads coming in from your unbounce landing pages and avoid manual intervention.

Manage all leads in LeadSquared

The leads who sign up using Unbounce are automatically captured in LeadSquared - making it easier for you to manage and follow-up with them.

Nurture leads with email campaigns

Nurturing your leads just got easier! Now nurture your leads with high performing email campaigns and analyze it's performance.

Understand lead requirement better

Track and monitor the website activity of every lead you have captured. Know what they search for and which web pages they visit.

Increase your conversions

We know how important every lead is to you. Every lead captured through unbounce landing page is captured into LeadSquared. Never miss out on them by conducting follow ups, meetings etc.

Get detailed conversion analytics

Know the keywords, traffic sources and locations getting you the best conversions. Know which marketing campaigns are performing well, and which ones aren't. Make data-driven marketing decisions.

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