Healthcare Call Center Integration

Ensure high quality patient experience on every single call

Healthcare Call Center
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Increase patient satisfaction with a responsive healthcare call center

Improve resolution rates, hold times and call abandon rates

Empower your agents to resolve all patient inquiries

Patients can call in for a variety of reasons – appointment booking/rescheduling/cancellation, package inquiries, doctor availability check, feedback sharing, lab report inquiries and more. LeadSquared ensures that the inquiries get routed to the right agent with minimal wait time and that the agents are well-equipped with information to resolve all kinds of inquiries.

Healthcare Call Center - handle all inquiries
Healthcare Call Center Integration - Reduce wait times

Reduce hold times with intelligent call distribution

The last thing your patients want is to be kept on hold, or deal with multiple call transfers when they are trying to book an appointment urgently. Avoid this by assigning calls automatically to available agents, matching queries to agents based on patients’ preferred language, exact nature of their query, location and any other criteria important to you.

Empower your agents to have informed conversations

While interacting with a healthcare call center, probably the only thing worse than extended hold times is an uninformed call center agent (about patient history, upcoming appointments, and other such details), especially for existing patients. Help your agents have a well-informed conversation by giving them complete patient details every single time.

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Healthcare Call Center - patient appointment scheduling

Make appointment scheduling easy for call center agents

Healthcare call center agents have visibility to all the patient and doctor data in LeadSquared to make appointment setting easy. They can view the patient appointment history and doctors’ availability calendar to make sure that appointments can be booked, canceled or rescheduled easily. The doctors are notified automatically post-booking.

Allow your agents to collect patient feedback at the right time

To maximize response rates to patient feedback surveys, you can route the task to call center agents if the patients don’t share feedback at the center and are unresponsive to email and text requests as well. Conditional routing ensures that the patient doesn’t get bothered by the feedback requests if he has already shared it.

Healthcare Call Center - Call at the right time
Healthcare Call Center - Progressive dialer

Increase agent efficiency with progressive dialer

Increase the efficiency of your agents with progressive dialer. Automated dialing after each call ensures that agents don’t waste time dialing each number. Priority scoring helps line the calls up automatically so that the most urgent calls are made first. Complete patient details in call pop-up ensure that each conversation is well-informed.

Track calls for real-time audits

Every call is tracked, recorded and readily available associated with the patient details, in addition to within the healthcare call center system. For instance: If a patient is dissatisfied with a call, it is easy to identify a low-quality phone call, long wait-times or a less-than empathetic agent as the source of dissatisfaction, and ensuring corrective actions.

Medical and Healthcare Call Center - Call Audits
New agent training benchmarks - healthcare call center

Set benchmarks for new agent training and measure them easily

LeadSquared allows you to set success benchmarks for your agents based on the best possible call center outcomes, or on the average performance of the team. You can then measure the performance of each agent against the set benchmarks. This not only helps you identify the best agents but also lets you train new agents fast and efficiently.

Help your agents execute ALL their tasks efficiently with smart views

Get complete performance analytics for your healthcare call center

Our call center efficiency per agent has increased by 60%

Smart views help our agents intercept all the incoming requests quickly & call the patient in a few minutes, reducing the decision-making time. Automation handles all our lead management activities, from lead allocation to lead prioritization. Plus, our daily call center efficiency per agent has increased by 60%.


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