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LeadSquared vital for our lead management success

“Leadsquared has been vital for our success in managing leads for our business.  The tool has helped us greatly in collating all the leads from different channels and has helped us in better management of the leads, nurturing and has also helped us map the sales funnel quite effectively.”

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Rohit Singhavajhala

Marketing Head, Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Capture patient inquiries from all your online & offline campaigns

Never miss a single patient inquiry from any source

Healthcare marketplaces

Sync patient inquiries and appointment requests from your external partners all over the web – like Practo, Lybrate, Healthgrades, RateMDs and others.

PPC, social media, website etc.

Capture patient inquiries and details from your website, Google Adwords, YouTube ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, directly using landing pages and plug-and-play social integrations.

TV, print ads and other traditional media

Capture patient inquiries, and identify the ads that generate most appointments. Use unique contact numbers on billboards, newspaper ads, television ads and others, to achieve this.

Healthcare marketing automation - lead capture from marketplaces

healthcare crm

Patient call capture and conversation tracking

Every new or repeat patient call is captured and recorded in LeadSquared. Either a unique inquiry gets created (in case of new patients), or old patient records are updated automatically to reflect the new phone conversation. Seamless integration with SuperReceptionist, CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics and other call tracking software.

Capture all your interactions with the patient

Whether the patient calls the front desk, receives an email from you about their next routine check-up, fills up a form on your website, or communicates through any other channel, all the conversations are tracked within LeadSquared.

Healthcare marketing - patient tracking

Automatically appoint patients to centers and doctors

Assign patients to doctors based on patient's location, preferences, condition and doctors' availability and specialty

Healthcare CRM - lead distribution

Healthcare CRM - appointment management

Manage all your appointments easily

Sync appointments from your appointment management apps to and from LeadSquared. Get detailed appointment reports by doctors, centers and specialty (direct integration with Acuity Scheduling App and API integration for all other scheduling apps.)

Notify your doctors when an appointment is made

Automate SMS and email communication to doctors when an appointment is scheduled in their name, and update their calendars by syncing information to and from your hospital's scheduling app.

Healthcare CRM

Monitor patient activities, and notify your healthcare staff to take action

Automate multiple actions, like staff notifications, appointment scheduling etc.

Healthcare marketing automation - patient activity tracking

Identify patient intent with activity tracking

Identify patient intent by tracking the pages they visit on the website, the forms they fill, and their conversations – phone, email or chat between them and your hospital staff.

Automate staff notifications

While monitoring patient behavior, notify your staff to take an action when an important activity occurs, like if they request a call back, or try to schedule an appointment.

Automate operational tasks

Use pre-defined rules and triggers to automate other important actions for your hospital staff and managers, like appointment scheduling, cancelling, rescheduling etc.

Automate targeted patient communication

Send relevant messages to patients based on recommended treatment by the doctor. You can send educational content - like tips to manage diabetes, healthy weight-loss tips etc. according patient's condition, disease, age and other criteria.

Healthcare marketing automation - communication

Cross-channel marketing for your hospital - healthcare CRM

On patients' preferred mode of communication

Engage and educate patients on all media – use automated emails, SMSs, Facebook retargeting and Adwords remarketing, using targeted lists and automation workflows.

Automate patient management tasks to avoid errors and inconsistencies

Create tasks for your hospital staff, unit managers and doctors

Automate patient status management

Move patient to a different stages based on the preceding activities. For instance: When a new patient books an appointment, the stage gets changed to “New Patient.”

Automate post-appointment tasks

For instance: When a new patient is registered, and an appointment is scheduled, create a task for Unit Manager to follow-up and confirm the appointment with the patient.

Automate appointment confirmation

As soon as the appointment is confirmed, automatically notify the doctor, along with the timings, patient records & details. Send confirmation to patient as well.

Patient management automation - hospital marketing

Hospital marketing - post appointment communication

Automate post-appointment communication

Notify patients of the next check-up schedule after the present appointment concludes. Also notify them before the next check-up. You can define the frequency and timings of the communication.

You can automate educational content like "diet plans" "managing diabetes" etc. through emails, SMSs, and Adwords and Facebook remarketing campaigns.

Track patients, appointments and doctors on the same platform

Get all the information you need in customized dashboards

Patient Source Analytics

Identify the sources fetching the most number of patient inquiries. Use this information to run more targeted campaigns, and to reach potentials on the right platforms.

Best Center analytics

Track the centers, branches or clinics with the most number of active patients, best appointment rates, and overall best performance.

Physician Analytics

Custom dashboard to track the performance of the doctors by the number of appointments and other parameters important to you.

Patient source analytics - healthcare marketing automation

Healthcare marketing and CRM apps

Effortless integrations

Integrates with all the popular marketing, sales, scheduling, telephony and call center apps that you use and love. You can even sync data with your CRM applications. Also, Zapier integration helps you create any Zaps you might need.

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