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Enhance patient experience and retain more patients using HIPAA compliant CRM.

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Know everything there's to know about your patients

By tracking their activities and fetching data from other patient management tools

Complete patient profile - healthcare CRM software

Build a 360-degree patient profile

Get to know your patients as people, by weaving information together from multiple data sources. Access patient demographics, social profiles, behavioral data (activity tracking, conversation tracking – phone calls, emails, text messages & walk-ins), medical & appointment history (supplied by them, and by fetching from your other caregiving tools).

HIPAA Compliance

LeadSquared CRM is fully HIPAA compliant and leverages only HIPAA compliant cloud-based solutions to ensure the privacy and security of patient data. We have met key regulatory and industry-defined requirements for appropriately safeguarding patient information.

hipaa compliant crm

Healthcare CRM Software for hospitals

Integrate your healthcare CRM with your main care-giving tools.

Get a single view for all your patient details by integrating LeadSquared with the other hospital management tools you use – hospital information system, patient management system, appointment scheduling, healthcare call center, EMRs, and your patient portal. Uses APIs and webhooks to achieve bidirectional information sharing between systems.

Automate and segment patients intelligently

Automatically distribute all incoming appointment requests and other inquiries based on their locations, conditions, affiliated physicians, referring partners, preferences, past diagnoses, family history and more. Use this information to communicate with your patients, via email, text, remarketing campaigns, phone calls and more.

call distribution crm for clinics

Account management - Healthcare CRM software

Use account management to organize family members as a unit

Club the members of one family together as a unit, with account management. This would help you keep track of patients’ history with your hospital, their family history of hereditary conditions, the appointment history of all the family members, and accordingly offer relevant health tips, loyalty points, and rewards.

Use this information to enhance patient experience

Enable relevant patient communication at every single step

Maintain personalized attention in patient communication

Improve patient engagement with personalized communication at each step. Not only do patients want complete visibility into their healthcare history, but expect hospital communication to reflect it as well. Personalizing your emails, texts, phone calls, and more would help you humanize your hospital, and build positive patient relationships.

Patient engagement solution - Healthcare marketing automation + healthcare CRM

Healthcare CRM Software - complete patient history

Have patient details handy (always) for a hassle-free experience

An integrated healthcare CRM with access to all of the patients’ history and doctors’ schedules helps you provide impeccable experience to your patients every step of the way.

For instance: When a repeat patient calls to book an appointment, use their history (diagnosis, prior treatment, physician, etc.), and fix an appointment accordingly.

Predict what your patients might need

Predict what your patients might need based on their activities, medical & family history, and related conditions, and deliver exactly what they expect. This would help in patient retention, by helping them take steps to curb preventable conditions even before they emerge. Proactive management of health conditions helps foster better patient relationships.

Tips for related conditions - healthcare marketing automation + healthcare CRM + patient engagement solution

A front-end healthcare CRM for all your teams

Easy to adopt throughout hierarchies and skill spectrum

 Healthcare CRM - Call Center Teams Icon

Call Center Teams

Access to doctors’ calendars & patient history allows call center teams to perform their tasks easily – appointment booking, cancellations, rescheduling or follow-ups for missed appointments.

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Front-desk Executives

It’s easy to register new patients, update their records or book appointments for walk-ins. Integrated systems also make patient feedback collection easy at check-out via mobile app or tablets.

 Healthcare CRM - Care Managers + Center Heads Icon

Care + Center Managers

With operational tasks completely or partially automated (Eg: appointment reminders), Care Managers and Center Heads have more time for patient experience management.

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Feet-on-street Teams

All feet-on-street teams (including doctor empanelment & new patient acquisition teams) have access to the mobile app, which plans their daily tasks + tracks task completion to ensure high productivity.

 Healthcare CRM - IT Teams

IT Teams

IT teams can easily connect all your systems (patient management system, EMRs, IVR, etc.) to ensure a smooth experience for your patients, and ease of use + high productivity for your teams.

 Healthcare CRM - Doctors


In-center doctors can be given access to the LeadSquared mobile app, allowing them to check-in/check-out and view, cancel or reschedule their appointments, helping them plan their day smoothly.

Automate operational tasks and run them like clockwork

Lower operational costs by reducing your teams' manual tasks

Automate appointment booking

Appointment booking can be automated based on clinic location, specialty, doctor and other patient preferences. Sync appointments from the appointment scheduling app into LeadSquared, making appointment planning easy for both the doctor and care manager. Notify doctors and care managers of any changes or cancellations, to ensure timely action.

Patient appointment scheduling in your healthcare CRM - new patient acquisition

Automate patient-doctor mapping

Map patients to doctors of their choice or the ones that best fit their requirements in terms of specialty, location, doctor availability, medical history and more. The distribution happens automatically as soon as the patient inquiry comes in, saving care managers’ time, and ensuring a faster patient response.

Healthcare CRM Software - doctor assignment

Healthcare CRM + Healthcare marketing automation - Patient feedback collection

Automate patient feedback collection

Collect patient feedback post-appointment. This would not only help you assess the quality of your service, doctors, and facilities but would also help you win back disgruntled or dissatisfied patients with timely and relevant action. If the patient doesn’t fill the feedback after the appointment, it can be emailed and texted to them automatically.

Use your healthcare CRM for error reduction

A slight manual error in the healthcare records and miscommunication can have a severe negative impact on patients, their families, and eventually the public opinion. Regular information exchange between your healthcare CRM and other caregiving tools helps ensure that no communication is triggered based on outdated information.

Healthcare CRM Software - Error Reduction

Healthcare CRM Software - Increase Operational Efficiency

Get operational efficiency paired with enhanced patient experience

With operational tasks automated and running like clockwork, the daily schedule at your center would run uninterrupted without any hiccups, ensuring minimal or no wait-time, no last-minute appointment cancels, thereby ensuring high-quality patient experience. For instance, patients are notified instantly whenever a doctor’s calendar is updated to avoid confusions.

Mobile healthcare CRM for all your teams

Empower your feet-on-street teams (patient acquisition and doctor empanelment teams) + in-center doctors with a powerful mobile CRM

Healthcare CRM Software - Mobile CRM for all teams

Improve your hospital's bottom-line with actionable reports

Reduce patient acquisition costs and increase operational efficiency

"Our team productivity has increased by 100%"

We are using LeadSquared to manage a lead inflow of 300,000/month (and growing) and an ever-expanding field team of 150 users. Keeping track of the leads and their status, and subsequent follow-ups have become much easier. The main features we use are the mobile app, email & SMS automation, location tracking, sales automation, and real-time analytics. Our lead to customer ratio has gone up by 400% and team productivity by 100% since implementing LeadSquared.


Rahul Bantiya

Head - Growth and Marketing, LifCARE Pharmacy

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