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What are Lapps?

LeadSquared Apps (Lapps) is a developer platform that lets you build custom applications around LeadSquared based on your business needs. Lapps gives you flexibility in customizations, by allowing developers to write code/business logic in LeadSquared without worrying about the cost and complexity of hosting, deployment or security.

What are the Benefits of Lapps?

The benefits you get as developers and business owners

Easy & Complete Integration

Lapps helps you build complete integrations very easily. You won’t have to spend weeks coding, only to modify it according to the limitations of 3rd party APIs. No limitations, no more wasted time & effort.

No Maintenance Hassles

Your code is maintained by us on our trusted servers, taking the hassle and costs of deployment and maintenance away from you. Your code will be up, as long as LeadSquared is up.

Completely Reliable

You don’t have to worry about security or data encryption with Lapps – LeadSquared takes care of it. Staying on LeadSquared server ensures that there’ll be no or minimal downtime for your Lapps code.

Staging Environment

Test your code all you want before you push it to production in Lapps’ testing environment. Helps you make sure that the code goes live only when it has been tested and debugged properly.


With Lapps, it is very simple to tweak and modify the code as the business scales, or the requirements grow. This makes sure that your code will never get unmanageably complex.

Quick Delivery

Lapps makes it easy to code, test, debug and deploy, making sure that you deliver quickly. Changes can be done very easily in this separate code, making sure that nothing breaks in the rest of your process.

What can you achieve with Lapps?

Send dynamic content to leads

Send completely dynamic content to your leads. For example, send dynamic real estate listings to leads based on their location preferences and budget, customized travel packages to travelers based on their preferences and more. Fetch data accurately from your inventory management tools, and use it to create highly customized messages.

Send dynamic content to leads

Do complex custom calculations

Do complex custom calculations

Interconnect your business tools with LeadSquared, and execute complex calculations. For instance, fetch GPA scores from SIS system to calculate student scholarships, fetch Cibil score from your LOS to calculate the interest rate applicable for each loan application and much more.

Generate custom offers for customers

Generate custom upsell and cross-sell offers for your existing customers by fetching their payment, eligibility and other relevant details from your business systems, like a Loan Origination System. Create special loyalty discounts for regular customers by tracking their shopping behavior across your platform.

Generate custom offers for customers

Capture data from your custom forms

Capture data from your custom forms

Send complete lead details from custom forms on your website to LeadSquared directly. No matter what application the forms are created on – a form creation tool like Unbounce, a survey tool like Survey Monkey, a chat tool or a custom coded form, you can capture complete data including survey responses.

Do ROI calculations with ease

Do ROI calculations with ease

Fetch marketing spent data from any of your lead generation channels, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Adwords and others. Match them against the price paid by the customer from the respective sources, and do accurate ROI calculations, giving your management just the information they want.

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