LeadSquared Announces Partnership with Combinaut, Creator of Sparkle Healthcare Software Platform  

Alliance Puts Powerful Patient Acquisition Tools in the Hands of Healthcare Marketers  

EDISON, NEW JERSEY (March 6th, 2024) – Global patient relationship platform LeadSquared is partnering with the team behind Sparkle, a marketing and content management software platform for healthcare that transforms patient attraction, onboarding, and communication. The combination of Sparkle’s HIPAA-compliant marketing integration, content management, doctor finder, and appointment scheduling tools and LeadSquared’s HIPAA-compliant patient acquisition, retention and management system creates a set of best-in-class solutions for healthcare marketing teams.  

Sparkle was built by healthcare providers for healthcare providers. Its suite of products streamlines the efforts of marketing teams, clinicians, and contact center agents.  

Sparkle has three solutions: Create, Match, and Connect. Sparkle Create is a marketing and content creation tool that builds hospital websites, mobile apps, and campaigns. Sparkle Match is a doctor finder that integrates with a client appointment scheduling tool. Sparkle Connect is a digital call center with tools to manage each patient’s journey from the first call to the final billing statement and beyond.  

“Sparkle and LeadSquared both focus on the patient acquisition and treatment search experience, which makes this partnership a natural fit,” said Bob Cummings, Senior Vice President of Healthcare for LeadSquared. “Sparkle’s Create and Match products attract, engage, and convert prospects to patients, and LeadSquared’s CRM solution is the next natural step in the patient journey. Together, this powerful, end-to-end patient acquisition tool is incredibly valuable for healthcare marketers.”  

Cummings added that the Sparkle-LeadSquared partnership enables granular optimization of every step of a patient’s journey. “The two platforms integrate seamlessly, creating a direct attribution chain for every new patient,” he said. “This offers data-driven insights to healthcare marketers that they can bring to the C suite about how to acquire and retain patients and apply automations that create personal, efficient patient interactions.” 

“We’re excited to partner with LeadSquared to be able to offer our clients even more tools to help connect patients with amazing care,” said Marc Needham, Chief Growth Officer at Sparkle. “Having worked on the client side in large health systems for most of my career, I can confidently say that Sparkle and LeadSquared offer a toolset unlike anything else in the market.”  

Designed to improve the patient journey, LeadSquared’s CRM and marketing automation creates personalized communications that increase patient engagement and satisfaction, while reducing the workload on staff. LeadSquared provides a connected patient view, identifying trends in patient behavior and preferences, and enabling healthcare providers to create targeted campaigns that resonate with their audiences. The results lead to improved patient acquisition and retention rates, ultimately leading to better business outcomes for healthcare organizations. 

Learn more about LeadSquared for healthcare at www.leadsquared.com/healthcare.  


LeadSquared Healthcare CRM is a HIPAA-compliant patient management system that enables healthcare systems, hospitals, health tech companies, dental clinics, and other healthcare providers track, manage, and communicate with patients. The end-to-end healthcare management system improves staff productivity and the patient journey. The company specializes in solving sales challenges for high lead-volume, high-velocity businesses that have multiple sales channels and teams. Currently, LeadSquared is helping 2,000+ enterprises across 40 countries enhance their sales efficiency. Known for its verticalized, industry-centric solutions, LeadSquared serves EdTech, Education, Healthcare, BFSI, Real Estate, Automotive, and Hospitality industries. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru with a local presence in North America, Philippines, South Africa, Australia, and Indonesia. For more information on LeadSquared for healthcare, visit www.leadsquared.com/healthcare.  


Combinaut builds next-generation digital tools that help sophisticated healthcare marketers do amazing things. The company is the creator of Sparkle, online marketing and content management software for healthcare providers, and TrailBlaze, online software that will connect researchers with patients and families seeking innovative treatments through clinical trials (coming soon). To learn more, visit https://www.combinaut.com.  

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