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Patient Engagement Solution - patient communication campaigns

LeadSquared checked all the boxes

The funnel gets larger, and more patients come aboard. That’s huge for us.

Tamara Young

More than doubled our pipeline

We’re able to cut down our turnaround time responding to inquiries and reach out to and communicate with many more leads.

Siddhartha Nihalani

Increased our call center efficiency by 60%

With the help of smart views, all our agents are able to intercept incoming requests quickly and call the patient in a few minutes.

Kiran Ramakrishna

Detailed patient records

LeadSquared’s APIs and connectors help us collect detailed patient data and integrate it with our EHR system effortlessly.

Hicham Moro

100% Visibility into the processes

LeadSquared has helped us decrease patient turnaround time and provides us the visibility that we lacked in our previous system.

Re-imagine patient communications with a Patient-first digital patient engagement platform

Automate patient engagement and improve patient satisfaction with LeadSquared digital patient engagement platform CRM.

Run omni-channel engagement campaigns

Send your patients helpful information at every single interaction with LeadSquared’s patient engagement solution. You can send periodic healthcare tips, or trigger-based appointment or prescription refill reminders, post-diagnosis notes and more. Reach them on the channel of their choice – email, text messages, phone calls or patient portals.

Patient Engagement Solution - Omni-channel engagement campaigns
Patient Engagement Solutions - messages on portal

Engage your patients directly on the patient portal

LeadSquared’s best patient engagement software enables you to engage your patients on patient portals to share healthcare tips with them right when they need it, based on their activities. Integrate LeadSquared bidirectionally with your patient portal (using APIs) to get detailed insights into patient behavior while they are logged in. Use the patient activities on the patient communication platform as triggers to automate communication workflows. This can be quite instrumental for non-urgent appointments with specialists such as optometrists and podiatrists.

Build personalized & highly engaging patient-focused workflows

Optimize patient-experience, improve patient engagement and foster patient-loyalty.

Drag-and-drop patient journey builder

Create compelling patient-journeys in minutes without IT dependence. Trigger various actions on patient’s activity/inactivity.

Utilize the triggers to design hyper-personalized workflows, attribute quality scores and much more.

healthcare hipaa compliant crm
Patient communication platform for patient engagement

Automate appointment reminders to reduce no-shows

Ensure that inquiries translate to appointments and appointments to visits, with relevant patient engagement solutions campaigns. For instance: When a patient books an appointment with a doctor’s office, they can automatically send them appointment reminders, links to the hospital location, reviews of the doctors and more. This would help reduce patient drop-off rates.

Trigger instant & well-informed response calls

The moment a patient raises an inquiry, our healthcare CRM prioritizes and transfers the lead to the call center based on agent availability, hospital location, the urgency of the query, etc. Call center agents then call them armed with complete patient details (their inquiry, their case history, etc.). This ensures that high-priority calls are made first, improving the patient experience.

Patient experience management and patient engagement solution - prioritization

Healthcare Marketing Automation and patient engagement solution - Patient Tracking

Trigger patient communication based on activity tracking

Build trigger-based healthcare communication workflows easily with LeadSquared’s patient engagement software. You can trigger relevant messages via email, text, WhatsApp and on your patient portals based on the information provided by the patients across different care tools, their activity tracking, website pages your patients visit, search queries and more.

Increase patient retention with post-diagnosis communication

Prescriptions are easy to lose and doctors’ instructions easy to forget. Help your patients by sending them post-appointment notes via text, email, WhatsApp, and patient portal. This would help them refer to the notes whenever they want. Plus, it would increase their confidence in your practice and encourage them to come back for their follow-up appointments.

patient communication platform for post-diagnosis
New Patient Acquisition - patient engagement solution

Engage your patients by educating them about the next steps

Helping patients with the right information at the right time can enhance the patient experience and improve patient retention. For instance, say for a dental patient who has just finished the first appointment, the details of the next appointment can be sent, along with tips to manage their conditions. This can be triggered automatically with pre-built patient communication workflows.

Engage your patients with recurring event reminders

Engage patients for recurring events with pre-planned communication sequences with the help of LeadSquared’s healthcare CRM. For instance, a year after a patient does his first health checkup, you can automatically remind them of the next one by using date-based triggers. Even something as simple as automating birthday wishes can go a long way in helping patient retention.

Healthcare marketing automation and patient engagement solution - notify patients for recurring events
Patient engagement solution - Healthcare marketing automation + healthcare CRM

Increase patient engagement with timely quizzes and health surveys

Engage your patients with timely quizzes and surveys; send them tips based on their lifestyle habits and scores. If something seems problematic or even slightly off, invite them for a free or discounted consultation session. All the quiz scores and answers to the health questionnaire can be stored and used later to create relevant healthcare workflows. These would also be quite helpful in completing patient records especially before ambulatory surgery.

Share tips to manage related health conditions

In addition to sharing tips for the patient’s current diagnosis, you can share tips to manage other related conditions as well. This would alert them to manage the condition on time and would earn you increased patient trust and engagement, which is key to patient retention. Automate this with pre-built workflows in LeadSquared Healthcare CRM.

Tips for related conditions - healthcare marketing automation + healthcare CRM + patient engagement solution
Patient no-show communication - Healthcare marketing automation and patient engagement solution

Run re-engagement campaigns for no-shows

Patients might ignore minor conditions if the symptoms recede by the day of the appointment. Sometimes, the patients might fill half the appointment form and leave. To minimize these drop-offs, you can run patient re-engagement campaigns through email, SMS, WhatsApp, and even Google and Facebook remarketing campaigns.

Automate post-feedback patient engagement

Collect and act on patient feedback post-appointment. This would not only help you assess the quality of your service, doctors, and facilities but would also help you win back disgruntled or dissatisfied patients with timely and relevant action. If the patient doesn’t fill the feedback after the appointment, it can be emailed and texted to them. Collecting feedback is an important step when it comes to clinical trials.

Healthcare CRM + Healthcare marketing automation - Patient feedback collection

Get 360 degree overview on patient engagement & satisfaction

Unlock insights on patient journey & re-calibrate efforts to maximize patient outcomes

Reporting - Patient engagement solution - Medical CRM software

Patient Engagement Reports

Gain valuable insights into the patient experience, preferences, and behavior, which can inform healthcare providers’ strategies and tactics for improving patient engagement.

Personalize communication, tailor services to patient needs, and deliver a more satisfying experience and improve patient outcomes.

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Leadsquared’s Patient Engagement Software FAQs

What is patient engagement software?

Patient engagement software is a platform that provides a connected patient experience throughout the various touchpoints of the patient journey. From filling in patient forms to booking appointments to post-diagnosis communication, patient engagement software takes care of everything.

What are the benefits of patient engagement software?

A patient engagement software offers the following benefits:

1. Offers seamless, connected patient experiences

2. Enables you to send relevant information to your patients at every stage of their interactions

3. Automate appointment scheduling and follow-ups

4. Offer post-diagnosis communication

5. Educate patients about next steps

6. Manage patient engagement through timely surveys and health reminders

Which is the best patient engagement software?

LeadSquared’s HIPAA Compliant Healthcare CRM is one of the best patient engagement software available in the market today. It has a variety of functionalities including running omnichannel engagement campaigns, appointment scheduling, patient engagement through patient portals, automated appointment reminders, and several others.

What is digital patient engagement?

Digital patient engagement refers to using various digital tools and technologies to manage and track all the interactions of the patient throughout their journey.

What is patient communication software?

Patient communication software is a platform that provides a connected patient experience throughout the various touchpoints of the patient journey. From filling in patient forms to booking appointments to post-diagnosis communication, patient engagement software take care of everything.