Best CRM for Real Estate Brokers: Reviewing the Ideal Platform

Best CRM For Real Estate Brokers stages Dashboard

Fear of missing sales target lies within every real estate broker. Your team encounters this fear every month when the deadline approaches. But, one thing that you try to understand is that despite putting in their maximum effort, why your sales numbers are dismal.

Because you have arrived here, I can confidently state that you are leaving no stone unturned to achieve your sales targets in Real Estate. So let me unveil the solution from which you can benefit. 

The solution is technological yet simple. It is probably down to the absence of a CRM software. And if you do have one, it is probably because you didn’t choose the best CRM for real estate brokers.

What the Best CRM for Real Estate Brokers Looks Like? 

Before I go into the details of what are the features of the best CRM for real estate brokers, there’s one unifying factor you should consider when picking one. It is the fact that the platform must be uniquely tailored for the real estate industry, such that members of your team can easily relate to its components. I mean, there’s little or no value in adopting a CRM software that is meant for other businesses.

In this vein, let us take a look at some of the things to look out for when choosing the best CRM for real estate brokers.

A Great Dashboard (Functionality & Aesthetics)

Best CRM for Real Estate Brokers

Your CRM dashboard is one of the most important components of your real estate CRM. It is where you find an overview of your sales activities. One glance and you can tell if your team is doing well or not. Find information like the current status of your Leads, where they’re coming from, which member of your team is engaging them. You can consider it your first-channel reporting tool – a summary of everything you need to know.

As far as dashboards go, it is important that what you consider the best, CRM for your real estate brokers is one that matches functionality and aesthetics together. No compromises.

For functionality, this means that you can easily configure certain parts of the dashboard to suit your own requirements. This immediately removes redundancy and information overload. So, you can set your view to see only relevant information like sales pipeline, recent deals, upcoming action items, new leads, sales tracking & metrics, which properties are gaining the most traction, number of site visits over a period of time.

You can take it one step further and add a customer analysis report section to your dashboard. Here, you can easily tell how many leads got converted over a given period. You can tell which sales method worked and apply the same process to your warm or cold leads.

For aesthetics, consider the graphical display of the CRM’s dashboard. Are the details presented in easy-to-read formats, from the text to colors, graphs, and charts? Really, you don’t want a clumsy dashboard if you truly want the best CRM for real estate brokers.

Ease of Use

Best CRM For Real Estate Brokers presents ease of use

When asked in this survey, 65% of CRM users chose Ease of Use as their most desired feature. This ranked over other features like scheduling, emailing, and data snapshots. In truth, no one wants to spend hours trying to wrap their heads over something as simple as assigning a lead to the members of the sales team. Why don’t they just stick to their Excel sheets then?

This is why the best CRM for real estate brokers allow users to complete tasks quickly and move on to other things.

How do you know that your CRM for real estate broker is indeed easy to use?

Amongst other factors, it should be:

  • User-Friendly: User Interface goes much beyond the overall look, but how users actually feel when coursing through the platform. Can they move from one part of the system to the other with ease – friendliness in action?

  • Fast load time: Nothing annoys tech-savvy users more than the continuous roll of the load icon. The best CRM for real estate brokers ensures that it is almost non-existent, such that you’re in another page as soon as you click the button.

  • Integrations: Regardless of the email service provider your team uses, the CRM software should link seamlessly with Gmail or Outlook. You don’t need to open a new email tab to see emails from your prospects.

Marketing Automation

best crm for real estate brokers employs marketing automation

The best CRM for real estate brokers works hand-in-hand with marketing activities. This includes email marketing automation since emails are the primary tool for communicating with leads and customers. This way, you can reduce response time by automating the follow-up messages whenever a property inquiry comes in.

Generally, you can integrate your marketing automation platform with your CRM platform, which allows you to pass lead information from one system to the other. A benefit of this is the synchronization that exists between the marketing and sales teams. It also enables you to personalize your marketing campaigns based on information received from customers.

The ideal CRM for real estate brokers isn’t stiff. It allows you to work with other systems, streamlining marketing tasks and ensuring zero lead leakage.

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LeadSquared Real Estate CRM: The Best CRM for Real Estate Brokers

At the end of the day, what is clear is the fact that the best performing real estate brokers are those who make the best use of real estate CRMs. However, there are a lot of CRMs on the market, which makes it more difficult to choose one.

Fortunately, that decision becomes a lot easier with LeadSquared’s real estate CRM software, which enables real estate brokers to sell more properties and do it faster. It also includes all the important features that make your work easier, from intuitive dashboards to out-of-the-box integrations with other platforms.

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