Build a Smart Online Store with LeadSquared

Bigcommerce and LeadSquared integrate through Zapier

bigcommerce integration

With Bigcommerce integration track your users and orders in LeadSquared

bigcommerce integration - Create & update new customers

Create & update new customers

New customers are added, and old customers are updated automatically into LeadSquared when an order comes in with Bigcommerce integration. No need to painstakingly enter each lead manually.

bigcommerce integration - Send new offers to customers via emails

Send new offers to customers via emails

Whenever a customer makes a purchase from your online store, you can start nurturing them with discounts or other offers from LeadSquared email and drip campaigns.

bigcommerce integration - Capture new orders as activities

Capture new orders as activities

When an existing customer makes a new purchase, you can track this as a new order activity in LeadSquared, and subsequently trigger relevant workflows.

bigcommerce integration - Track your lead's activities

Track your lead’s activities

With Bigcommerce integration, track your lead’s activities in LeadSquared like products viewed, or categories visits on your website. Use this information to send relevant promotions.

Trigger smart emails based on user actions

Trigger smart emails based on user actions

Send emails that motivate the customers to finish their purchase, for example: cart abandonment emails, finish payment emails, and other emails based on user.

bigcommerce integration - analyze-users-and-orders-with-analytics

Analyze users and orders with analytics

Analyze the lifetime value of a customer, their average order value, total purchases made, and get details on every individual purchase made by them.

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