How Rohan Builders Increased Property Sales by 54% with LeadSquared

Rohan Builders is a real estate group specializing in construction. They have been building apartments since 1993 and now have landmarks spreading over 15 million square feet across the country. They have been consistently rated by CRISIL for the last 10 years, signifying the quality they bring. They are also into constructing infrastructure and industrial structures.

Javadd Khan, the marketing manager at Rohan Builders talks to us about how using LeadSquared has impacted their business and closure rates.

The Problem:

Rohan Builders generate leads from various sources. This includes both online and offline activities. They run campaigns for two main reasons: awareness and lead generation. For awareness, they have been doing promotional activities such as hoardings and paid online ads. As for lead generation, they have a presence on Google, Facebook as well as third-party portals like MagicBricks,,, etc.

Earlier, they had been using Homes 360 for their sales needs. However, they soon found that tracking their leads online had become a hassle. All the website activity that their leads perform is not accounted for. Which is why they decided to look for a solution that can help them solve this problem.

Why LeadSquared:

The main reason why they chose LeadSquared as their sales solution, is because of the extensive tracking that the tool provides. This means that they can accurately track where their leads are coming from. They could also tell which page the lead first visited – whether it was a web page or landing page.

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Another reason, LeadSquared helped was because of the automation feature. They could now trigger emails based on lead actions. For example, if a lead has opened an email, then a followup email or, a followup task, will be set up for the lead. This has reduced their workload drastically. Earlier, they used to rely on manual efforts to nurture leads. Also, they had separate email and SMS vendors, who were providing them with paid credits.

But, with LeadSquared, we were able to get an opportunity to reach out to our existing database, without the need for much manual intervention. They are able to automate most of the email communications.

The Teams that Use LeadSquared:

Rohan Builders has been using LeadSquared mainly for marketing and pre-sales. Their process starts with marketing, where the team uses the tool to build landing pages. These pages are then used to run ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. Leads that see these ads, fill up the landing page forms and become a lead in LeadSquared.

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Depending on the lead’s activities, various stages are also assigned to them. They are then contacted and followed-up by the tele-calling team. The second point of contact for these leads is the presales team, who will speak to the leads, and brief them about the property.

Once the lead is satisfied with the project, then they schedule a site visit, and the sales team follows up with the lead until the property has been visited.

The LeadSquared Impact:

According to Javadd, “We have been using LeadSquared for over a year now, and it is the best tool for sending targeted campaigns. With the advanced filters they have, I can segment my leads based on their interests and engagements. I can then prioritize these leads and ask my sales team to only contact these leads. This has helped us to increase our closure rates as well. Before LeadSquared, we used to close 12-13 deals per month. But, now, we close around 20 every month. Our property closures have increased by 54%. It has also helped us monitor our teams better.”

In Conclusion:

“If tracking is important for your business, then I’d definitely recommend LeadSquared. We are able to know exactly what the lead is doing on our website: such as the floor plan he has seen, or the financial plan he is interested in. All this ensures a more personalized selling experience. LeadSquared is, without a doubt, one of the better lead tracking tools in the market.”