Contact Form 7 Integration - Reduce your lead leakage

Capture, engage and nurture your leads from forms on your WordPress website with Contact Form 7 integration


Capture submissions into LeadSquared with Contact Form 7 integration

Capture submissions as leads

If you use contact form 7 for your WordPress website, integrate it with your LeadSquared with our Contact Form 7 integration and automatically capture all leads.

Manage all leads easily

Easy lead management options. Filter and find all leads who have been captured from your Contact Form 7. Find out which form has given you most leads and segment these leads easily into lists.

Get lead capture alerts

Get alerts every time a new lead is captured. Get notified for landing page submissions. Reduce response time by following up with the lead early.

Know what they are looking for

Understand what they want from you by tracking their activities on your website. Know which pages they visit, what widgets they see, what CTA’s they click. Also, know what email or drip campaigns they are a part of.

Prioritize your leads automatically

Specify scores for each desired activity that your lead performs. Prioritize your leads according to their scores, to help your sales team target them better.

Get detailed conversion analytics

Get reports on how your landing pages, email and drip campaigns, CTAs, or forms are performing. Get data on which lead sources are driving the best results, and which are the high revenue leads.

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