Store Master Data in Mavis and Enable Seamless Connections Across All Your Applications

  • Public APIs for seamless integrations 
  • Rich Datatypes to store all kind of data 
  • Build for quick retrieval of data 
  • Perform CRUD operations with ease 
Store master data in Mavis and enable seamless connections across all your applications

What you can do with Mavis

Store your master data, such as product inventory, in Mavis Tables to swift access for a range of applications. Simplify data management and effortlessly create custom solutions. 

Define table schema

Define table columns with rich datatypes

Create a table structure within Mavis that incorporates diverse data types such as strings, text, integers, decimals, coordinates, user information, booleans, JSON objects, dates, time etc. List columns either by manual addition or by directly importing a CSV file containing your data.

Define table columns with Rich datatypes 
Easy Data Import and Export  

Easy data import & export  

Add your data via CSV files 

Achieve effortless data management through a single-click data import and export feature. Upload your CSV file to execute one of the following actions: create records, update existing records, or perform an upsert operation 

Database template marketplace 

Use pre-defined datasets as per your requirements 

Leverage the Mavis Database Template Marketplace to swiftly create frequently utilized data tables that can be easily imported into your account for immediate utilization 

Use pre-defined datasets as per your requirements 

Mavis usage report 

Check usage trend and summary 

Keep track of the quantity of requests directed towards Mavis and the size of tables. Examine utilization trends and patterns across the tables within your account 

Collaborative smartviews 

Create filtered views for various purposes 

Facilitate collaboration on your Mavis table using LeadSquared Smartview. Regulate data access through filtered views and limit the operations that collaborators can execute on the table 

Collaborative Smartviews

Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about Mavis, check out the complete guidebook of LeadSquared Mavis Database 

Are all Mavis operations are supported via API as well as UI?

Yes, all Mavis operations are supported via API as well as UI.

What are the API rate limit in Mavis?

Mavis has multiple usage plans which offer different rate limits. However, rate limit can be also customized based on specific use cases in higher plan.

Is there any auto data backup mechanism in Mavis?

Yes, Mavis tables snapshots are taken on a regular internal of time which allows user to restore to previous version in a single click in case of any issues.  

Can you create reports from Mavis?

No, you can’t. But there is a workaround, where reports can be generated via Lapps and Batch Jobs. To know more, please get in touch with your account manager, or write to 

Is Mavis a paid product?

Yes, Mavis is a paid product. To enable it in your account, please contact our support team at They will be happy to assist you with the activation process and provide you with further details about our pricing plans and features. 

Can we store documents/files in Mavis?

Yes, you can store document/file in Mavis.

Does Mavis have functionality to offer collaboration with specific access?

Yes, Mavis offers smart view for effective collaboration through which you can manage the access and control the operation performed by collaborators. 

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