Run Drip Marketing that Leaves a Lasting Impression

Push your leads down the conversion path with the right message at the right time

Visual Builder to Sketch out Prospect Conversation Paths with Ease

Design your workflows

Easily design prospect journey

Design the entire journey you want the prospect to take with just a few clicks. No matter how straightforward or complex the nurturing path is, it’s always easy to build.

Create nurturing paths

Create alternate nurturing paths

Send your leads different content based on their actions. Ex: While a lead that downloads an e-book can be sent an email about related e-books, a lead that downloads the e-book and views the pricing page can be sent a discount on the paid course.


Choose from pre-built templates

Never be at a loss for ideas to build your drip campaigns. We have dozens of pre-built templates, complete with triggers and actions to design your workflows.

Personalize your drip campaigns

Personalize them completely

Modify the templates to fit your specific content, goals and actions. Personalize them to make sure your recipients know it’s meant just for them.

Create interdependent workflows

Create inter-dependent workflows

Create workflows that work in-sync to automate complex business processes. For ex: When a lead moves down the sales funnel because of a drip, this can in turn trigger multiple nurturing paths.

Email deliverability

Ensure deliverability

We will help you setup SPF, DKIM, Custom URLs and Dedicated IP to increase deliverability, and the effectiveness of your drip marketing campaigns.

Notify sales people

Send instant sales notifications

If a lead in the nurturing path takes a sales-relevant action, like viewing the course page, the system sends a notification to the sales person, making sure that the right leads get immediate attention.

Drip Marketing Reports

Get advanced drip analytics

Get advanced analytics on the effectiveness of your drip marketing campaigns. Identify the timings, days, subject lines and email content working for you.


Create connected systems

Use automation to update data in other marketing apps and CRMs that you use – Ex: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Unbounce, Instapage, GoToWebinar and many more.

Sales Funnel automation

Automate sales funnel movement

Set rules to automatically move the leads down the sales funnel when an important activity occurs. For ex: If a lead requests a quote or views the pricing page, they would automatically move closer to “conversion” in your sales funnel.

Automate funnel movement

Do much more than just engaging your leads with drips. Workflows also help you change the lead stages automatically or update any other lead field when a pre-defined lead activity occurs. Ex: Change stage from Cold to Warm when the lead clicks on an email or views the pricing page.

Automatic Lead Stage Change

Get Performance Reports for Each Step of Your Drip Campaigns

Analyze and improve your workflows

Drip Marketing - drip marketing

Fantastic Email Marketing Automation

“We now engage our customers through emails that are relevant, instead of flooding everybody’s inbox with the same messages. There are multiple triggers and data points to design who gets what emails, making our emails more conversational instead of just plain promotional.”


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