Personalize your emails with dynamic content

Send relevant offers and products to people based on their interests

Intelligent profiling

Monitor your lead’s activity history to create user profiles

Smart email content

Send personalized email content based on the lead’s interests

Email Analytics
Email analytics

Know how your leads are interacting with your dynamic emails

Improve your conversion rates with dynamic content

Send relevant custom emails to leads based on their demographics or buying behavior.

Dynamic images

Change the banner or images within your email. Personalize it according to the lead – Pictures of beach resorts or hill resorts based on their inclination.

Dynamic content in emails - dynamic images

Dynamic product menu

Insert a custom catalogue of products in your email. If the customer has already purchased a product, then exclude it and send related products.

Dynamic content - Dynamic Product Menu

Dynamic offers

Send personalized discounts, referral codes or coupon codes to your leads. Personalize this information based on their buying history or purchase intent.

Dynamic CTAs - dynamic email content

Automate important email actions using adaptive content

Reduce the number of emails your team writes with a simple smart email template

Do custom mathematical calculations in your email content. For example, calculate currency exchange rates or chargeable tax for purchases made by the customer

Dynamic content - adaptive templates for calculation

Easily attach customized documents to your emails. Add receipts, contracts, iternaries etc. as a downloadable file.

Generate attachments for dynamic adaptive email content

Create meeting or demo invites for your leads. Customize the content or layout of these emails using smart content.

Dynamic Content - Custom invites

Create your own customized email templates easily

Populate them with relevant content based on what the lead wants

  • lead nurturing - Lead Nurturing - Responsive email template for e-book download
  • lead nurturing - Responsive email for wellness businesses
  • Responsive Email marketing template for event invitation
  • Responsive email marketing templates for travel businesses
  • Email template for newsletter subscription

Our lead-to-customer ratio has gone up by 400%

We are using LeadSquared to manage a lead inflow of 300,000/month (and growing) and an ever-expanding field team of 150 users. Keeping track of the leads and their status, and subsequent follow-ups have become much easier. The main features we use are the mobile app, email & SMS automation, location tracking, sales automation, and real-time analytics. Our lead to customer ratio has gone up by 400% and team productivity by 100% since implementing LeadSquared.

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