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“The LeadSquared platform is flexible, making the adoption and execution of your existing sales process very simple. It has helped us a lot in integrating other tech platforms to make it our one stop solution for tracking and processing leads.”

Mrinal Mohit - Byjus Classes

Mrinal Mohit

Chief Operating Officer, Byju's Classes

Capture student enquiries from all your online and offline campaigns

Cut your lead leakage to zero

Education marketing automation - online lead capture

Capture online leads

Capture student inquiries from all your online sources – Google Adwords, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc.), and website with landing pages, social integrations and APIs.

Capture offline leads

Capture leads from all your traditional campaigns like newspaper and TV ads, events and conferences etc. Track the exact source of the lead capture with telephony integration and tracking URLs.

Capture phone calls as leads

Capture all the student enquiries you get via phone calls, including missed calls. Identify the campaigns generating the maximum number of calls and reinvest accordingly.

Automatically distribute leads to different locations & salespeople

Make sure each lead is attended to, based on their locations, and course of interest

Education marketing - lead distribution

Lead segmentation

Segment your leads based on locations, interests, preferences and programs of choice. Accordingly engage them with content they’ll find interesting to nudge them to conversion.

Education marketing - lead segmentation

Use drip marketing to enroll more prospects to students

Automate marketing actions and sales notifications

Education marketing - use drip marketing to engage your students

Automate student engagement

Capture student queries from all sources, and engage them according to their interests and activities. This would help you convert more prospects to students without much intervention.

Analyze the results of drip campaigns

Analyze the performance of your drips, email campaigns and SMS campaigns. Know exactly how many students are engaging with the content you sent them.

Notify sales on important student activities

Notify the sales person as soon as their leads take an important action. For instance: if a lead looks at the pricing details of a course, or if their lead score exceeds a certain threshold, notify sales to call them.

Lead scoring

Use lead quality score and activity scoring to identify which leads to call first.

For example: High School Student + Interested in Physics + Location = "Bangalore" might be a high quality lead for you. Assign high scores to important activities (like pricing page view) and lower scores to generic engagement activities (like downloading an test paper).

edtech marketing - lead scoring and tracking

Track all the web and mobile activities of your students

Follow your prospective students closely

Education marketing -Track student activities on mobile and web

Track all app and website activities

Total time spent on the app, total time spent on a screen or on a webpage, all button taps, link clicks, video views – everything that you want tracked, can be tracked.

Track the device used for making enquiry

Know if a smartphone was used to make a course enquiry or a feature phone. Prioritize the enquiries being made from smartphones, because they are more likely to buy your course.

Track email and SMS engagement

Track if the students are checking and engaging with your email and SMS campaigns, and trigger based communication.

Analyze your campaign, sales and course performance

Identify the best lead sources, star salespeople and best performing locations and plans

Best lead generation campaigns

Identify the campaigns working best for you in terms of the quantity and the quality of leads and the student enrollment rates.

Analyze sales performance

Analyze the performance of all the salespeople across centers. Identify the members of the sales team doing the best work in terms of call-time, no. of calls and number of enrollments.

Identify the best programs

Identify the most in-demand programs based on the number of queries generated for each, and the revenue they bring in.

Education marketing - marketing campaign performance

Higher Education marketing - Effortless integrations

Effortless integrations

Integrates with all the popular marketing, sales, telephony and call center apps that you use and love. You can even sync data wit your CRM applications. Also, Zapier integration helps you create any Zaps you might need.

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