Education Text Messaging Solution

Engage Your Prospects with Text Messaging

Seamless two-way texting

Send and receive texts directly from LeadSquared. Relieve your admission reps from the hassle of switching back and forth between two platforms.



Create automatic text message journey's

LeadSquared sends automatic texts like interview dates, document submission reminders, campus tour dates and much more. These messages can be triggered on actions (or inactions) of your choice.

Send Automated & personalized bulk texts

Stay on top of your applicant’s mind with text message campaigns. You could also trigger automatic messages on festivals or their birthday’s

education-text-messaging-automatic and personalized messaging

Get notified for every text received

Notify your reps immediately when they receive a text via push notification, email and texts. Further, LeadSquared automation can notify admission heads if the reps don’t respond within a certain period.



Works with popular texting solutions

LeadSquared works best with popular text message providers like CallTrackingMetrics and Twilio.

Easy to learn, easy to use.

Since being assigned the task of researching and comparing the range of products that could best fulfill our current and future needs, I have determined that Leadsquared significantly outshines the others in terms of reputation, affordability, and support.


Maria Maloles

Director of Marketing and Publications , American University of Health Sciences

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