Email Integration - Sync Your Sales Inbox with LeadSquared

Track all your sales emails sent to and received from your leads.

Email integration

Works seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook (& all IMAP based email clients)

 Email integration - set up email sync in minutes

Configure email sync in minutes

Start tracking your emails in LeadSquared in just a few steps. Takes minutes to set up, and all your incoming and outgoing emails with your leads will start getting tracked.

 Monitor email quality

Monitor quality of your sales emails

Run a tight quality-control on all the emails that your sales reps send to their leads. Maintain consistency in what is communicated to leads and how it is communicated.

 Track unattended leads

Take action on unattended leads

Managers can run a simple query to identify unattended leads, because all the phone and email communications get tracked.

 Email tracking in one view

See all email exchange in one clean view

All the email exchange that happens between your prospects and sales reps is tracked real-time. So, you can view the email trail in one view, identify if the response is delayed, and take an action accordingly.

Email sync helps us track all emails sent by our sales team

“While landing pages have helped improve our online conversions, Email Sync has helped us capture all offline leads and conversations. We can track how many emails are being sent by each sales person and what is the engagement of every lead.”

Floyd Tavares

Floyd Tavares

Marketing Manager, Deltin Group

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