Facebook Retargeting Integration – Stay on Top of Your Prospects’ Minds

Automate and simplify your retargeting tasks and be your prospects’ first choice

facebook retargeting integration

Push Leads Directly to Custom Audience Lists in Your Facebook Ad Accounts

Automatically add new leads

Automatically add new leads

Facebook Retargeting Integration lets you create a new list of leads automatically in LeadSquared based on your defined triggers. It also pushes the list to your retargeting campaign on Facebook.

Be your prospects Go to option

Be your prospects go to option

Facebook Retargeting integration creates a list of those leads who are interested in your product and lets you run the retargeting campaign on them and lets you stay on top of their mind.

never miss out on leads

Never miss out on retargeting any lead

Automation takes care of the burden of adding each new lead to your custom audience list, thereby bringing down the chance of missing out on any lead to zero.

lead nurturing - Facebook Retargeting Integration

Nurture leads who are more promising

Nurture your leads until they convert with relevant promotional offers at the right time, case studies, ebooks, stats and tell them why they should opt for you over your competitors.

Set trigger activities to automatically push leads

With LeadSquared’s Facebook Retargeting Integration, you can create automation to push leads to your custom audience list when they perform any activities defined as trigger activities by you.

facebook custom audience list

Create and modify custom audience list in LeadSquared

Create and manage all your custom audience list on a single platform – LeadSquared. Switching between different platforms to maintain your custom audience list is

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