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Personalized lead journeys

  • Customize data collection: The dynamic forms automatically adapt fields according to user responses, presenting relevant fields tailored to the user’s selections.
  • Craft tailored experiences: Redirect leads to specific resources based on their form submissions for personalized follow-ups and targeted nurturing.
  • Automated sales funnel flow: Guide leads seamlessly through the sales process by automating follow-up actions and task assignments tailored to their journey stage.
Comprehensive integration

Comprehensive integration

  • Effortless sync across modules: Seamlessly integrates lead, activity and opportunity data into the system, ensuring your data stays organized and accessible across your entire system.
  • Direct data transfer with UTM integration: Enables precise campaign tracking and customized redirection based on UTM parameters, personalizing engagement.
  • Automatic deduplication: Automatically detects and eliminates duplicate entries, keeping your database clean and reliable.
  • Portal sync: Integrates with portals for centralized management of user interactions, ensuring smooth and consistent communication.

No code real-time deployment

  • Effortless Launches: Embed forms into your website without any coding, speeding up campaign deployment and reducing reliance on developers.
  • Agile Marketing: Respond swiftly to market changes with real-time form deployment, ensuring campaigns remain relevant and effective.
  • Flexible Customization: Customize form appearance and behaviour to align with your brand and campaign objectives, enhancing user engagement and conversion.
No Code - Real-time Deployment- form widgets

Instant OTP Verification

Instant OTP verification

  • Secure Verification: Ensure lead authenticity with quick OTP integrations, reducing the risk of fraudulent or inaccurate data entering your sales funnel.
  • Enhanced Lead Quality: Qualify leads efficiently with OTP verification, ensuring that only genuine and interested prospects are captured.
  • Improved Form Efficiency: Customize the OTP field to display only when leads are filling out the form, maintaining a concise and user-friendly form experience, and reducing the likelihood of lead abandonment.

User-centric design

  • Engaging User Experience: Capture leads’ attention with visually appealing and user-friendly forms that encourage interaction and conversion.
  • Design Independence: Utilize pre-designed templates and customizable themes to create professional forms without extensive design expertise.

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