GoToWebinar Integration – Make Your Webinars More Powerful

Tools to capture, engage and convert your webinar leads

GoToWebinar integration

Capture All Your Webinar Leads Seamlessly

gotowebinar integration - Increase your webinar registrations

Increase your webinar registrations

Replace GoToWebinar webinar registration page with highly customizable landing pages. Complete freedom to customize the look-and-feel of the registration page = Higher registrations.

gotowebinar integration - Make registering easy

Make registering easy

Send auto-fill links in the webinar invite emails. This makes sure that the details on the webinar registration page (landing page) are pre-filled. This makes registering 1-click process for your leads.

gotowebinar integration - integration send high performing webinar invites

Send high-performing webinar invites

Beautiful, responsive and highly clickable webinar invitation emails ensure that the clicks on your webinar invites are high. Higher CTR = Higher registrations = Higher attendance

gotowebinar integration - Know which leads attended the webinar

Know which leads attended the webinar

With just one click, you can pull the webinar attendance details from GoToWebinar into LeadSquared. “Webinar attended” activity is displayed in the lead activity stream.

Score webinar related activities

Score webinar related activities

You can assign a high score to “Webinar Attended” activity, making sure that your sales people find it easy to prioritize these leads, and don’t miss opportunities.

gotowebinar integration - Engage your webinar attendees

Engage your webinar attendees further

You can easily create lists of your webinar attendees, and send them nurturing content like webinar recording. This will keep them engaged and excited for future sessions.

gotowebinar integration - integration-increase-the-visibility-of-your-webinars

Increase the visibility of your webinars

Use LeadSquared’s website widgets to highlight upcoming webinars on your blog and website. Place social sharing buttons on your registration page to increase its sharability.

gotowebinar integration - Make your webinar content timeless

Make your webinar content timeless

Because the landing pages can remain live, you can continue capturing leads from your older webinar content, in exchange for a recording of the sessions.

Increase registrations

Use high-converting landing pages to increase the webinar registrations. Get complete freedom to experiment with the look-and-feel and content of your webinar registration pages.

Gotowebinar integration - landing pages

Sync attendee information

Know who attended the webinar, and score webinar related activities to help your sales team prioritize their efforts. GoToWebinar integration lets you exchange webinar registration and attendance details between GoToWebinar and LeadSquared effortlessly.

Customize webinar invites

Send high-performing webinar invite emails with LeadSquared. Responsive, easy-to-read emails = High email CTR = High landing page views = High registrations.

GoToWebinar - lead nurturing

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