Gravity Form Integration – Capture Leads from Your Website

Reduce lead leakage by integrating your Gravity Forms with LeadSquared using Gravity Forms Integration

gravity forms integration

Capture, Track and Nurture Leads from Your Gravity Forms with Gravity Forms Integration

Capture Gravity Form submissions

Capture Gravity Form submissions

Every time a visitor fills out a form powered by Gravity Form on your WordPress website, it gets captured directly into LeadSquared as a lead. If the lead already exists in the system, it gets updated.

Zero repetitive work

Zero repetitive work

No need to upload excels and excels of lead details from your WordPress website to your Lead Management System. No need for brainless, tedious data cleaning work.

gravity forms integration - Send relevant autoresponders

Send relevant autoresponders

Trigger great-looking, responsive and relevant auto-responders based on the forms that the leads fill – keep them engaged.

gravity forms integration - Push leads to specific lists

Push leads to specific lists

Automatically push leads from your Gravity Forms into relevant lists, based on the product they enquired about. Nurture them accordingly.

Gravity forms integration - Nurture your leads better

Nurture your leads better

Use the segmented lists or any other criteria to send them promotional emails or newsletters. Move them along the sales funnel, until they are ready for conversion.

Gravity forms integration - Track every move of your leads

Track every move of your leads

As soon as a visitor fills out a form, Gravity Form integration will capture them into your LeadSquared. Their complete activity history is available for you to track. You’ll even get the historic details from before the form was filled.

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