Know the Student Recruitment Channels Performing the Best

In terms of the inquiries, applications and enrollments they generate

Lead Source Analytics

Identify the lead sources working best for you in terms of the quantity and quality of inquiries they generate, and the student enrollment rates. Get in-depth insights into channels, campaigns, devices, days of the week and times performing the best in terms of inquiry generation.

Lead Source Performance Reports

Landing Page Performance Analytics

Landing Page Analytics

Get detailed conversion analytics for your landing pages and forms. Compare different pages to analyze the ones converting the best. View reports for the same page during different time periods to identify a drop or spike in conversion rates.

Know How Your Admission Officers are Performing

Including the applications they process, calls they make and their average response times

Admission Officers' Performance

Measure the performance of your admission officers based on the number of inquiries they are able to handle on time, the number and quality of calls they make, the number and quality of applications they process, and the total number of enrollments they generate.

Admission Officers' Performance Analytics

Response-Time Analytics

Getting back to the prospective students on time is very important to recruit the best candidates for your institute. Get insights into the first-response time of your admission officers, both individually and on an average. Use this to create realistic benchmarks for your team.

Get Detailed Application Life-cycle Reports

Including the average time spent in an application stage, applications against courses and more

Application Funnel

Always know the state your application funnel across different courses, program schedules, campuses and more. This means that you’ll always have an idea of average time spent by the prospective students to complete the application & move to the enrollment stage.

Application funnel - higher education reporting

Schedule preference reports

Schedule Preference Reports

Get detailed insights of the course schedules that are getting the most interest from your prospective students, in terms of inquiries, applications, and enrollments. This would help you allocate more resources to the schedules attracting more attention, and take steps if there are shortfalls against enrollment targets.

Curriculum Analytics

Get detailed analytics on how your different programs and courses are performing in terms of the inquiries, applications, and enrollments. This will help you assess the number of students accepted in each course, and the inquiries being generated for the courses, against approved enrollment targets.

Curriculum analytics


Campus Preference Analytics

Get insights into the popularity of each of your campuses, and assess the ones that are most or least preferred by students. This would help you run campaigns relevant to the campuses where the enrollment targets are not being met.

Measure the Performance of All Your Student Communication Channels

Including email and text performance analytics, subject line analysis and marketing automation reports

Email and Text Analysis

Get detailed insights into all your communication channels, including your social messages, text messages, and email campaigns. Assess open and click rates, the best time and days to send emails and text messages, best-performing subject lines, the devices students use to open your emails and more.

Email and SMS Analytics

Get detailed reports on all your automated marketing campaigns

Get Detailed Insights into Your Enrollment Cycle

Including your enrollment funnel, average inquiry to enrollment time and more

Enrollment funnel

Enrollment Funnel

Always know how your enrollment funnel looks like, including the number of enrollments against the inquiries across all courses, channels, campuses, curriculums and other parameters.

Average Enrollment Time

Know the average inquiry to enrollment time for all courses, sessions, campuses and other parameters. This will help you plan your different recruitment campaigns, and run them ahead of time. This also helps you identify courses and programs where you need to nurture the applicants more.

Check-in Check-out

Check-in/Check-out Reports

Your admission officers have the ability to check-in as they sign in for work, and check-out when their work-day ends. This would help you get detailed reports on the average number of work hours of your admission officers, their vacation days etc., and give the managers a better control over their team.

Course Preference Analytics

Get detailed insights into the course preference of your prospective students. Know the courses where you are meeting enrollment targets with ease, and the ones where you are struggling. This will help you plan course-specific campaigns with ease.


Recruitment Insights

Complete Enrollment Summary

Always know where you stand in terms of the number of students enrolled against approved enrollment targets. This will help you take actions accordingly for any anticipated shortfalls or over-recruitment. Also, measure the performance of your admission officers and different courses.

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