Higher Education Analytics

Monitor your admission and enrollment teams along with the student cycle

Lead Source Performance

Lead source performance

Get clarity on the lead sources generating the best student inquiries and enrollments for your institute

Counselor's performance

Admission officers’ performance

Measure the performance of your admission officers based on the number of enrollments they generate etc.

Application Life-cycle Report

Application analytics

Get enrollment insights, including the number of leads in each stage, and the average time they stay there.

Campus Performance Report

Campus performance reports

Measure how each of your campus locations is performing in terms of enrollments, and revenue.

Communication Insights

Communication insights

Know the performance of all your communication with prospective students, be it email, text or social.

Check-in Check-out reports

Check-in/check-out reports

Get a summary of your admission officers’ check-in and check-out times, logged hours, vacation days etc.

Enrollment funnel icon

Enrollment funnel

Get reports on the different stages of the enrollment funnel the applicants are in at a given point in time.

Curriculum icons

Curriculum preference analytics

Know the complete summary of the popularity of different programs, courses and schedules.

Enrollment Analytics

Enrollment analytics summary

Always know where you stand in terms of students enrolled against the approved enrollment targets.