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“We have seen a 50% increase in conversions and 40% increase in admissions! LeadSquared helps us manage and prioritize our possible candidates, even from offline sources.”

Higher Education Marketing - Danish Ahmad, IILM

Danish Ahmad

Digital Marketing Manager, IILM

Capture student enquiries from all your online campaigns

Cut your lead leakage to zero

PPC ads and social media

Capture student enquiries from Google Adwords, YouTube ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. directly using landing pages & social integrations.

College listing sites

Capture student enquiries from websites like Shiksha, HT Campus, CollegeDuniya, JustDial, PagalGuy and other college listing sites.

Website and email lists

Capture leads from your website using forms, chats etc. Send emails to your lists, and capture the details of the interested students.

Higher Education Marketing - Paid lead sources for colleges and universities

Capture student enquiries from all your offline campaigns

Never miss another enquiry

Higher Education Marketing - Events and BTL activities for lead generation

Event + BTL campaigns

Capture leads from all your on-the-ground activities like pamphlet distribution, brochures, roadshows, events, school and college fests etc.

Print and broadcast media

Capture enquiries from all your traditional ad campaigns like newspapers, TV and radio ads. Track the exact source of lead capture with telephony integration and tracking URLs.

Inbound phone calls

Capture all the phone call enquiries you get, including missed calls. Identify the campaigns generating the maximum number of calls.

Automatically distribute leads to different centers & counsellors

Make sure each lead is attended to, based on their program preferences, locations, and qualifications

School and college marketing - lead distribution in higher education institutes

Engage and track your prospective students

Complete web activity and engagement tracking

Higher Education marketing - lead tracking

Web pages visited

Track the program pages being visited by your prospective students, the time spent on each page, and the offers they find most interesting.

Communications tracking

Track the links being clicked by students on the emails and SMSs, and trigger further marketing and sales actions accordingly.

Counsellor notifications

Notify the counsellor when prospective students visit an important page, like enrollment details page, applications page, or program fee breakup page.

Automate your Application Cycle

Manage application process with drip marketing and sales automation

Higher education marketing - application cycle automation

Analyze your campaign, counsellor and program performance

Identify the best lead sources, star counsellors and best performing centers and programs

Best lead generation campaigns

Identify the campaigns working best for you in terms of the quantity and the quality of leads and the student enrollment rates.

Measure counsellor performance

Measure the performance of counsellors based on the number of enrollments they generate, and the number and quality of their calls.

Measure center and program performance

Measure how each of your college locations are performing in terms of enrollments, and the revenue brought in by each program and location.


Higher Education marketing - Effortless integrations

Effortless integrations

Integrates with all the popular marketing, sales, telephony and call center apps that you use and love. You can even sync data wit your CRM applications. Also, Zapier integration helps you create any Zaps you might need.

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