Enrollment Accelerator for Colleges and Universities

All-in-one suite to super charge your marketing and admission team

Convert Inquiries to Enrollments

Automated workflows, Intelligent lead insights and enrollment signals for your admission team

Capture leads

Capture leads from all channels

Capture leads from website, banner ads, inquiry generation directories, telephone, email and social media with out of the box connectors

Automate your admission process

Automate your admission process

Don’t let a single inquiry, lead or opportunity slip through the cracks – with automated and personalized communication, followups and notification


Reduce response time to zero

Send relevant and personalized messages as soon as the lead gets captured and engage them till admission team makes a connect


Understand applicant’s motivation

Understand student’s motivations and behavior by tracking what they are doing on your website and landing pages

Increase enrollment for higher education - enrollment signals

Send enrollment alerts

Assist your admission team by telling them the best time to make a connect. Send them alerts on email and phone

Increase enrollment for higher education no missed followups

Never miss a followup

Allow your admissions officers to manage their complete schedule on LeadSquared. As soon as they log in, they’ll see their tasks for the day


Sync Email and Phone

Sync your phone and email (gmail and outlook) with LeadSquared. All the conversation- email, phone, chat gets recorded in linear clean view


Multi channel marketing

Reach applicants on their preferred channels – email, phone, social media or college portal or text messages.

Smart Views to Plan Your Day Effectively

Design your own logical interface in minutes. No IT support required

Track, score and record applicants’ communication history

Every conversation your applicants have with your admissions or marketing teams is tracked in LeadSquared – including phone calls, emails, text messages, social media interactions and others.

Increase enrollment for higher education - tracking and lead scoring
increase enrollment for higher education - marketing automation

Build engaging communication journeys with your applicants

Build automated and personalized workflows which trigger based on applicant’s action (or inaction) on your website, emails, text messages and mor

Beautiful landing pages and emails in minutes.

Easy to use, responsive, drag and drop editors to create stunning email and landing pages. No HTML or design skills required. Dozens of templates to start with

Landing Pages

Create a Connected and Cost Effective System

Forget bulky CRM implementation and steep learning curve.


Admissions on the go

Enable your admissions team to work on-the-go with mobile app during field events, fairs and travel


Centralized reporting

Get complete picture of your admission funnel, campaign performance, counselor efficiency & more


Integrate with the apps you love

Out of the box connectors for email, chat, telephony and Student information system. Open API’s available


No constant IT support required

Email and text message Campaigns, landing pages, automation, tasks everything can be setup by anyone

The Platform Is Simple to Customize, so That We Are Not Reliant on Outside Workers

LeadSquared helps us quickly identify the level of engagement of our prospects and automates the recruiting processes, allowing us to focus our efforts for efficiency. The platform is simple to customize, so that we are not reliant on outside workers to make basic alterations to our database and interface.

Leadsquared significantly outshines the others

Definitely recommend. The staff is amazing! They work tirelessly to make sure everything is running smoothly. And when you need someone to explain things or make a fix, they’re there usually within minutes.

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