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“We actively use LeadSquared for lead management, email marketing, lead tracking and marketing & sales performance analytics. We have seen our sales efficiency increase 4 folds since we have started using LeadSquared. It is user-friendly and cost effective as well.”

Gaurav Goel

Gaurav Goel

Director, Research & Ranking

Capture policy inquiries from all your online & offline campaigns

Cut your lead leakage to zero

Financial aggregator websites

Capture policy inquiries from insurance aggregators all over the web – like PolicyBazaar, MyInsuranceClub, ApnaPaisa, BankBazaar, PolicyX and others.

PPC ads, social media and website

Capture policy inquiries from Google Adwords, YouTube ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, directly using landing pages and plug-and-play social integrations. Capture inquiries from your website as well

Local events + Traditional ad campaigns

Capture leads from all your on-the-ground activities like cross-promotional events, trade-shows, sponsorships etc. Capture leads from all print media, TV ads and radio ads as well.

Financial aggregator websites - Insurance CRM and lead capture automation

Insurance inbound phone capture

Capture inbound phone calls

Capture all the phone call inquiries you get within your lead management system. New leads and even missed calls will be captured as leads, and the phone call activity will get captured as well. For old leads, the phone calls, both incoming and outgoing will be registered as activities. Identify the advertising campaigns generating the maximum number of calls.

Automatically distribute leads to different locations and agents

Assign leads to agents based on their product preferences, locations etc. or in round-robin fashion

insurance- lead distribution

insurance call center

Help your team sell the right policies

Give your telecallers all the context and lead information they need before they make a call. They will know all the lead interests, including the policies they are interested in, the policies they have already brought, and all other lead activity insights. Plug-and-play call center integrations ensure easy set-up and easier usage.

Engage, track and segment your leads

Track interests and activities of leads, and segment accordingly

insurance website tracking

Policies interested in

Track the policy pages being visited by your leads, the time spent on each page, the forms they fill, and all the inquiries they make about different insurance policies.

Communications tracking

Track the links being clicked by leads on the emails and SMSs, and trigger further marketing and sales actions accordingly.

Agent notifications

Notify the agents when prospective buyers visit an important page, like the policy details, cost break-ups, insurance premium details etc.

Manage your complete policy sales lifecycle

Push leads down the funnel till the insurance policy is sold

Automate funnel movement

Change lead stage based on lead’s activities.

For instance: Change stage from “Opportunity” to “Documents Received” when the lead shares the KYC documents. Change stage to “Verification done” when the documents are verified etc.

Agent notifications

Notify the agents as soon an important lead activity happens.

For ex: as soon as the lead shares the KYC documents, and the stage changes to “Documents received,” the agent will be notified.

Set agent tasks automatically

Set the next task for the agent, as soon as an important activity occurs.

For ex: as soon as the lead shares the KYC documents, and the stage changes to “Documents received,” the agent will be notified and a task will be set for him to get the documents verified.

insurance marketing automation

insurance policy renewal notification

Automate renewal processes

Automatically notify policy-holders when their renewal date draws close. Simultaneously, notify agents and set tasks for them to make follow-ups, if the customers don't renew on their own.

Spot cross-sell opportunities

Know the complete customer details - including the policies the customers have purchased and complete details about them. Identify cross-sell opportunities using this data. 

For ex: a customer who buys a health policy for their spouse, might also be willing to buy a life insurance policy.

insurance- upsell opportunities

Track your agents while they are on the field

Keep a close eye on their meeting count, distance traveled and collections

Track your agents on the field

Analyze your campaign, agent and policy performance

Track the policy sales against the agents, campaigns, regions and policy type

Agent performance

Measure the complete agent performance, based on the number of policies they are selling, the collections, cross-sales, renewals etc.

Measure time taken to win a customer

Measure the average time taken to win a customer across different products, different teams and different regions. Would help make improvements for the laggards.

Measure campaign performance

Measure the campaigns that are getting the best customer conversion ratios. This would help allocate the marketing budgets in the right places.

Insurance CRM - measure agent performance

LeadSquared Integration

Effortless integrations

Integrates with all the popular marketing, sales, telephony and call center apps that you use and love. You can even sync data wit your CRM applications. Also, Zapier integration helps you create any Zaps you might need.

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