Leads Aren’t Your Problem

Higher-Ed Institutes are stuck with an outdated mentality that more leads immediately equals more enrollments. This is not the case anymore, and we’re going to prove it to you! In this Webinar, find out from an award-winning admissions and marketing duo what data you should be looking at to improve your enrollment conversions and increase your student population without increasing the number leads.

Jenn Lyles & Sarah Holmes, both seasoned enrollment consultants will: 

  • Bust myths and show you how to look at data properly
  • Layout marketing tips to increase the quality of leads you get
  • And teach admissions hacks to onboard students faster

If you’d like to read the presentation used in this webinar, please click here.

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  1. Avatar
    robin Commented April 20, 2021

    Hi what schools have you work with in the past? Are they successful now?

    1. Avatar
      Meenu Joshi Commented April 20, 2021

      Hi Robin, we are working with 400+ education institutions worldwide, and they’ve all seen success with their speed-to-lead, lead-to-enrollment time, enhanced student experience, and tea, efficiency. You can check some of the case studies here: https://www.leadsquared.com/case-studies/. Let me know if you’d like a personalized demo of the solution, and I can set that up for you.

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