Heavy on features, not on your wallet

While there are many good marketing solutions available.

Most either don't offer what they need. Or are simply more costly then it is necessary


Here’s Why LeadSquared is the Right Choice for Value Added Resellers

Ease of use

Forget bulky and clunky software implementation and steep learning curves. We will get you up and running in under a week


Let automated communication, follow-ups and sales notifications save time and reduce manual errors


Easily integrate LeadSquared with popular sales and marketing apps and quickly deploy with simple to use connectors.

Cost effective

Achieve a high ROI with LeadSquared’s value-based pricing model.

If you are not using LeadSquared, you are paying too much for marketing automation

“As someone who has used HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On and more, LeadSquared has all of the necessary functionalities at a fraction of the cost. We have a 10% reduction in bounce rate for emails now and our drip campaigns have resulted in 50% quicker movement of sales prospects through the funnel!”

Robert Evans

Robert Evans

Marketing Manager, VIKTRE Career LLC

The results are in. LeadSquared is the winner!

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