Outlook Integration – Sync Your Outlook Inbox with LeadSquared

Track your inbox & capture all email conversations with LeadSquared CRM for Outlook

Outlook Integration -LeadSquared, your CRM for Outlook

Track All Your Sales Emails with Outlook Integration

Outlook integration - Sync your Address book

Sync your Address book

Get all your contacts and conversations that you have had with your leads into LeadSquared automatically with Outlook integration leaving zero room for lead leakage.

Outlook integration - Analyze conversations

Analyze conversations

Know what is being said between the sales person and the lead. All emails and inbound calls are automatically captured in LeadSquared CRM for Outlook, enabling you to track your sales emails and conversations.

Outlook integration - Evaluate the quality of your emails - track sales email

Evaluate the quality of your emails

Find out how soon and how often emails are being sent to the leads by your sales team. Analyze the content of the emails as well to maintain quality standards.

Easy lead prioritization

Easy lead prioritization

Based on desired activities such as open and click rates, analyze their engagement and assign scores. Easily prioritize your leads based on these scores.

CRM for Outlook - Simple segmentation of leads

Simple lead segmentation

feature lets you segment your leads based on their lead score, engagement, geography, email open/clicks and other email analytics. Organize your lists easily and nurture them over time.

CRM for Outlook - Advanced email analytics

Advanced email analytics

Know which emails are driving conversions. Get data on the open rates of your emails, which link got more clicks, who marked your email as spam and who hit unsubscribe. Use this data to send better emails

Track emails sent from Outlook

Send emails directly from your Outlook account with LeadSquared’s Outlook integration. Analyze the open rates of these emails as well as the click rates of links within the email with advanced email analytics in LeadSquared.

Outlook integration - CRM for Outlook

Lead Tracking in CRM for Outlook

Easy lead tracking

Track leads and know the interactions that your sales team has with the leads. Prioritize the lead based on lead’s activities.

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