Ozonetel Telephony Integration - Capture Every Call that Comes Your Way

Inbound calls, missed calls and voice mails automatically added in the tool

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Make inbound call capture simple using LeadSquared

Ozonetel Telephony Integration - Capture all inbound calls as leads

Capture all inbound calls as leads

All calls that come your way through your phone or through designated toll free numbers are captured in LeadSquared as leads. No need of manual addition of calls that you make.

Ozonetel Integration - Record all your calls

Record all your calls

Get recordings directly on the tool, of all the calls that are made to your prospects. Use the recording for quality assessment and to determine the requirements of the lead.

Ozonetel Telephony Integration - Assign all leads automatically

Assign all leads automatically

The tool captures missed calls as leads. Assign these calls easily to your sales team. Add tasks as well to remind them to follow up.

ozonetel integration - Track the lead's history

Track the lead's history

Know how the lead has been interacting with your company. Monitor his progress along the sales funnel. Follow up with him easily by knowing what he is interested in by tracking his activities on your website.

Ozonetel telephony integration

Seamless call capture

All calls that come into your system are automatically captured, including missed calls and voice mails

Call recording directly in the tool

All calls that are made are recorded for future reference. It is available directly in the tool under lead details.

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We have observed that the introduction of LeadSquared, the average sales per day per agent (i.e insurance sales) has moved up by 40% and the lead to sale has increased by 35%. And this is just in the last three months. Plus the support has been phenomenal, even over the weekends and holidays.

Mayank Gupta

Growth Hacker, Acko General Insurance

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