Ozonetel Integration with LeadSquared

Connect, converse & close deals faster with LeadSquared and Ozonetel


Ozonetel has a rich set of features that comes to their full potential with the right CTI integrations. With LeadSquared, the two solutions just talk.

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Out-of-the-box & Into-the-CRM

Equip agents with everything they need to have frictionless conversations & close deals from within their LeadSquared window. Never miss a call or text, track every lead, and monitor teams with ease.

Personalize every conversation

Attend every caller with a personalized greeting. Get caller information right on the agents’ screen even before pick-up.

Automate Lead Distribution

Evenly distribute calls among agents automatically. No manual intervention whatsoever.

Screen pop for a unified view

Flash all inbound caller details on the agents’ screen through a screen pop and start a contextual conversation right from the point of pick-up. 

Workflow Rules

Build customizable workflows and set triggers within LeadSquared CRM to automate notifications, text messages, calls, and more.

Capture inbound calls as leads

Automatically capture all calls inbound or outbound, within LeadSquared as leads.

Easy call disposition

Get a simple pop-up with a predefined drop-down menu for easy call disposition within LeadSquared. Eliminate ACW hassles and save precious agent time.

Automatic call recording

Record all calls by default and store them within LeadSquared. Access recordings on-demand from the archive for training & quality purposes.

Click to call

Initiate outbound calls within LeadSquared CRM itself with click-to-call functionality.

Turn Conversations into Conversions

When calls and customer data are organized better, it helps your sales team convert faster. Create the call automation you need with an Ozonetel-LeadSquared CTI integration.

  • Shorten the sales cycle by automating callbacks to leads.
  • Enable click-to-call from within LeadSquared.
  • Automate call logging.
  • Prospect data automatically pops up during agent calls.
  • Power dialers help to call large datasets in no time.
Turn Conversations into Conversions -
Automate Outbound Calling

Automate Outbound Calling

Accelerate time to connect with Ozonetel’s powerful auto dialers. Slash idle time, boost agent talk time, and improve lead conversion ratios at one go.

IVR Customization

Design your IVR flow effortlessly using Ozonetel’s drag & drop IVR designer. Capture all user inputs on LeadSquared, and route calls to the suitable agents. 

Self-Service-IVR - Ozonetel
ringcentral integration with crm

Intelligent Routing 

Directly route incoming calls from existing leads to respective lead owners, or leverage your LeadSquared customer data to route calls to best agents as per skill, timings, or priority.

Businesses Benefitting with LeadSquared & Ozonetel Integration

LeadSquared CRM + Ozonetel For Financial Services

  • Automate collection calls
  • Accelerate lead conversions with automated callbacks.
  • Automate communication at various touchpoints of the buyer journey
  • Increase First Contact Resolution

Simplify account services, automate collection calls, and offer many self-service options through LeadSquared – Ozonetel CTI.

Cross-sales in insurance - feature
Cloud calling system for healthcare

LeadSquared CRM + Ozonetel for Healthcare

  • Effective patient data management
  • Proactive outreach
  • Timely follow ups

Manage patient data such as demographics, medical history, appointment records on LeadSquared and begin conversations across voice, SMS, chat, and mobile app. Trigger timely notification based on electronic health record (EHR) and LeadSquared data in real-time.

Ozonetel ensures end-to-end data encryption and is HIPAA compliant.

LeadSquared + Ozonetel For Education

  • Sales & lead generation
  • Engage students or leads on their channel of choice
  • Cost-effective communication with efficient management of student data

Facilitate learning & student communication with a unified omnichannel platform. Run & track sales & marketing campaigns using virtual numbers, missed call solutions, IVR blasts, and more.

Enrollment Marketing

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Ozonetel Integration FAQs

What is Ozonetel?

Ozonetel offers an all-in-one, adaptable cloud  contact center solution that businesses worldwide use to simplify their contact center management. Ozonetel offers voice, text, and chat solutions to 2500+ businesses  globally and powers more than 2 billion calls every year.

Who uses the LeadSquared-Ozonetel connector?

Poonawala Fincorp, Enterprise Capital, Tribe Consulting, Axis bank, Angel One, Big Basket, Kotak Mahindra, Zomato, Uber, Motilal Oswal, HDFC Bank are among the notable enterprises who trust LeadSquared and Ozonetel for their day to day contact center operations.

Can I take a Free Trial of Ozonetel?

Does LeadSquared have a deep CTI integration with Ozonetel?

“Ozonetel has a rich set of features that comes to their full potential with the right CTI integrations. With LeadSquared, the two solutions just talk.” This is what a leading Fintech company has to say about LeadSquared – Ozonetel integration. 😊