Replace or Connect? Whatever you need!

Depending on your requirements, LeadSquared completely replaces your existing CRM and marketing automation tools, or can connect with it seamlessly and securely

replace or connect - LeadSquared CRM

Why Most Businesses Choose to Replace Their CRMs with Leadsquared

Reduce the total cost of ownership, the number of tools you use and connect all your teams and processes

  • End-to-end Solution

    Out-of-the-box feature-set for inside sales, call center, marketing, field sales, operations, and merchant teams

  • Low TCO, high value

    Completeness of features, ease of implementation, and adoption ensure low total cost of ownership while providing high value.

  • Super-fast Implementation

    While configuring other software can take months, LeadSquared gets you started in days.

  • Sales Team Regimentation

    LeadSquared is not just a system of records; it guides your teams to take the next best action

  • Advanced Workflow Builder

    Customize all your new customer acquisition, engagement, and sales operations workflows, easily, no matter how complex.

  • Mobile CRM built for sales

    LeadSquared comes with a completely functional field app that can be used out-of-the-box for sales, service, and operations.

Can I connect my existing CRM with LeadSquared?

Yes! We understand that some businesses might have a system of records that they can’t replace, or maybe your service operations run on a traditional CRM, but you want something more tailored towards sales. In such cases, LeadSquared connects completely & securely with your traditional CRMs, to exactly the level that you want – nothing more and nothing less!


Connect only if: a) You are using a CRM for your service operations, and need a more tailored solution for sales, b) If the field teams are unable to use clunky, ill-suited mobile apps, c) Existing CRM is unable to drive your digital sales operations, but you still need it as a customer record system.

We Could Configure Leadsquared in Just 3-4 Days

Previously, any tool we implemented took us at least 2 to 3 months to get onboard. However, with LeadSquared, we were able to configure the tool in just 3-4 days. The integrations took another week, and they were live in 14 – 15 days. That’s the kind of agility that the solution has provided us

Vaibhav Maheshwari - Profectus Capital

Talk to a Specialist to Discuss Your CRM Requirements

Replace or complement – know what’s best for you!