A Few Reasons Why Companies Choose Leadsquared, over Salesforce

Named a market leader in sales automation, LeadSquared gives organisations the flexibility
to move quickly, focus on customer experience, and scale their growth.

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What LeadSquared offers

LeadSquared is easy to use and implement. Our CRM requires zero IT support and can easily scale to teams of all sizes.

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Everything you’ve ever
wanted in a CRM. And less.

Sales people are not supposed to be data entry guys.
LeadSquared takes everything slowing them away, and puts
it out in the back for automations to handle. This has made our
CRM unbelievably easy to learn and use.

“With large CRMs, the promise is good, but the user interface prevents you from ever realizing it. It’s so overwhelming that no one in my organization ever used it. LeadSquared only shows our reps what they need to see. It has been a breath of fresh air for my team and in 8-months the data sanity has improved unbelievably!”

Fabian Gomez
Co-founder, CEO, Frubana

“LeadSquared is very powerful in allowing customizations, unlike large CRMs. We use it to power our new telephony-assisted online sales channel. Automations help us engage customers without delays, and we have seen great improvement in our conversion rate.”

Prasad Subramaniun
General Manager, Exide Life

So what, if you don’t
have an IT team?

Teams change, market changes and so does communication.
Sales processes require change regularly. With easy customisation,
LeadSquared realises that this change should not be hard.

“It’s too expensive,” he said.

No one should be concerned about putting their company in a financial
bind by committing to a tool they can’t pay for. Unlike some CRMs, we respect
that. So with LeadSquared you only pay for the features + support you want, and drop all that’s not useful.

“Previously, any tool we implemented took us at least 2 to 3 months to get onboard. However, with LeadSquared, we were able to configure the tool in just 3-4 days. The integrations took another week, and they were live in 14 – 15 days. That’s the kind of agility that the solution has provided us”

Vaibhav Maheshwari

Profectus Capital

Trusted by 2000+ businesses worldwide

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