Sell More Courses Online

Attract, engage and convert visitors to sales with powerful lead insights and sales signals

It Is a Very Well Thought out Application and Sometimes Will Surprise You

The LeadSquared platform is flexible, making the adoption and execution of your existing sales process very simple. We can effectively monitor sales follow-ups and track all offline and online activities. It is a very well thought out application and sometimes will surprise you in terms of the things it can deliver.

Drastically Improve Your Lead to Customer Rate

Intelligent lead insights and sales signals to enable your sales and marketing team

sell more courses onlineCapture leads from all channels

Automatically capture leads from website, PPC ads, third party websites, telephone, email, social media and API’s and more

sell more courses onlineAutomate lead’s communication journey

Send relevant and personalized content, based on their action or inaction. Create smart email and text message workflows

career school management system - student motivationIdentify the most interested leads

Understand lead’s motivations and behavior by tracking how what they are doing on your website, landing pages, emails, chat and social media

career school management systemSend dynamic course content

Send relevant offers and products to people based on their interests and behavior. Calculate custom data, generate attachments, send custom invites and more

career school managementSend course sales alerts

Assist your sales team by telling them the best time to make a connect. Send them alerts on email and phone

sell more courseNever miss a followup

Allow your sales team to manage their complete schedule on LeadSquared. As soon as they log in, they’ll see their tasks for the day.

sell more courses onlineSync Email and Phone

Sync your phone and email (Gmail and Outlook) with LeadSquared. All the conversation- email, phone, chat gets recorded in linear clean view

sell more courses onlineMulti channel marketing

Reach applicants on their preferred channels – email, phone, social media or college portal, or text messages.

Build engaging communication journeys with your leads

Build automated and personalized workflows which trigger based on lead’s action (or inaction) on your website, emails, text messages and more

career school management

career school management

Beautiful landing pages and emails in minutes

Easy to use, responsive, drag and drop editors to create a stunning email and landing pages. No HTML or design skills required. Dozens of templates to start with

Build a super efficient sales and marketing team

Customize LeadSquared according to your current process, not the other way around

sell more courses onlineAutomate repetitive tasks

Let the repetitive tasks like lead follow-ups, content delivery, sales reminders and alerts, lead import run on auto pilot

career school management systemDistribute leads to relevant sales person

Automatically distribute leads based on their locations, course of interest or any other criteria you define

sell more courses onlineAutoplan your day, everyday

Your meetings and tasks for the day are all synced on your phone and email based in the order of priority

sell more courses onlineSegment your leads

Segment your leads based on locations, interests, preferences and programs of choice. Accordingly engage them with content they’ll find interesting

Sell more Courses OnlineMobile sales app

Enable your sales team to work on-the-go with mobile app during field events, fairs and travel

Sell more Courses OnlineNo IT support required

Email and text message Campaigns, landing pages, automation, tasks everything can be setup by anyone

Sell more Online CoursesIntegrate with the apps you love

Out of the box connectors for email, chat, telephony and Student information system. Open API’s available

career school management systemRobust analytics

Get complete picture of your admission funnel, campaign performance, counselor efficiency & more

If you are not using LeadSquared, you are paying too much for marketing automation

“As someone who has used HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On and more, LeadSquared has all of the necessary functionalities at a fraction of the cost. We have a 10% reduction in bounce rate for emails now and our drip campaigns have resulted in 50% quicker movement of sales prospects through the funnel!”

Robert Evans

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