Management Team

Nilesh Patel - LeadSquared

Nilesh Patel

Chief Executive Officer

Nilesh is focused on the mission of making LeadSquared the software of choice for small business marketers world-wide. He brings his decade long experience in sales and marketing to the team. Previously, Nilesh was the founder of Proteans, a recognized leader in software product development services space. He helped build the company from scratch to 350 people strong serving over 100 ISVs world-wide, before it was acquired by Symphony Teleca Corporation in 2010. Post-acquisition, Nilesh served as Vice-President of inside sales at Symphony before he decided to start LeadSquared. Nilesh has a degree in engineering from Delhi University, and before founding Proteans spent four years in IBM with their microprocessor test tools division.


Sudhakar Gorti - LeadSquared

Sudhakar Gorti

Chief Product Officer

Sudhakar, co-founder of LeadSquared, heads the product design and development. He is on the mission to help small business marketers through the power of simplicity in LeadSquared marketing software. Sudhakar was one of the founders of Proteans and he served there as the CEO. He was instrumental in making Proteans a hugely successful and admired company that won several international awards for its credentials in product engineering services space. Working with dozens of world-class software vendors in the past has inspired him to take up the challenge of building the game changing software for marketers – LeadSquared. Sudhakar has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Prior to founding Proteans, he served in various software development roles at IBM, Talisma Corporation (now part of Campus Management Corp) and Oracle Software.


Prashant Singh - LeadSquared

Prashant Singh

Chief Customer Officer

Prashant is the Chief Customer Officer of LeadSquared and in his role drives the LeadSquared customer success Team, and day-to-day business operations. Prashant was also one of the founding members of Proteans and he served there as the COO. Post Symphony Teleca acquisition, Prashant was Vice-President and P & L head for a $20 million business unit comprising of energy, healthcare and media verticals. He has a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Applications from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Prior to founding Proteans, he was part of several product development teams in Telesoft, i2 technologies and Oracle.


Sukhbir Kalsi - LeadSquared

Sukhbir Kalsi

Vice President of Product Development

Sukhbir is a founding member of LeadSquared, and runs the product engineering team. He brings more than 15 years of web application development experience to LeadSquared, majority of which is in CRM and marketing systems. Before LeadSquared, Sukhbir has led the efforts in managing and architecting MS Dynamics CRM implementations for various medium and large enterprises, bringing in a high degree of user and customer satisfaction. His earlier experience includes software development and management for Proteans and NetSolutions. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Karnataka University, Dharward.