Form Health Steps-Up to Meet Demand with Patient-First Processes

“The funnel gets larger and more patients come aboard.  That’s huge for us.” 

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Lead Capture


Patient Onboarding


Patient Acquisition


and Flexible Platform

LeadSquared benefits:

  • Reduces follow-up time for new patient inquiries and referrals 
  • Accelerates patient onboarding 
  • Centralizes all patient information 
  • Automates lead nurturing communications 

Lead Capture


Patient Onboarding


Patient Acquisition


and Flexible Platform

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Meet Form Health, medical weight loss specialists

Form Health delivers personalized medical weight loss services—remotely.

Millions of people aren’t getting the obesity care they need. Form Health offers a solution—and it’s in high demand.  

Founded in 2019, Form Health combines online care from boardcertified physicians and dietitians with FDA-approved medications to help patients whose weight issues impact their health. The company’s services are offered exclusively via telehealth across most of the U.S 

More demand, more growing pains

Onboarding a patient at Form Health requires a series of touchpoints in which an enrollment specialist gathers information regarding insurance, referral sources, medical records, and more. With demand escalating, Form Health discovered their ability to onboard and serve patients wasn’t keeping pace.

“We were feeling growing pains as we scaled. Patients would tell us it was taking too long to get them onboarded. Our folks on the frontline who speak to new patients said the same.”  

~ Jake Butler, head of product 

Butler explained the process relied on disparate tools and the use of Google Sheets. Translation: lots of data; no integration.  

Another pressing problem was lead management. Butler admitted leads often slipped away or got lost in the nurturing process and noted the lack of a good tracking system for following through became painfully obvious. 

“As we were scaling up, keeping track of referral patients was one person’s job and it was getting super unwieldy. We needed to be able to keep track of this beyond just one individual,” said Butler.  

Though Form Health had a marketing automation tool in place, it provided yet another siloed system. 

Strike three. Form Health went in search of an integrated patient management and engagement solution.  

LeadSquared came highly recommended

Trusted associates at San Francisco-based Two Chairs suggested Butler consider LeadSquared, the platform they chose to address similar challenges. Salesforce made the shortlist too, however Butler and team became hesitant knowing they’d need to rely on a specialist to integrate and maintain the platform. 

Butler claims LeadSquared stood out for all of the processes, including lead management, referral management, and patient engagement 

LeadSquared helps Form Health deliver a velvet glove touch

LeadSquared checked all the boxes. Our team that does the patient onboarding tell me a great weight has been lifted. The difference between where we were and where we are now with LeadSquared is night and day.” 

Butler went on to explain his team appreciates the flexibility of the tool and how it makes it easy to capture patient information once and for all. He said it provides for a “very smooth handoff to the onboarding specialist” and helps deliver “a velvet glove touch to our patients.  

Supporting Form Health’s continuous growth

In its continuous growth mode, Form Health captures new patient inquiries from various direct-to-consumer digital channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and search. 

Now, there’s no mystery how to capture, score, distribute and manage leads.  

“Our users live and breathe on their LeadSquared Smart View pages,” he said. To clarify, what he means is everyone that handles patients relies on LeadSquared’s personalized task management system to determine where prospects are in the flow and what must happen next. 

“It’s very straightforward. And there’s no need for IT development or support. You work your task list and know who contact each day. You do as much as time allows and then next day the tasks are re-prioritized on the fly.” 

Butler also claims Form Health uses marketing automation workflows to nurture leads with drip campaigns. He said the process often begins with a response to an ad when potential patients add themselves to the mailing list and after four or five automated emails they schedule a call. 

Finally, Butler credited LeadSquared for enabling Form Health to onboard leads that we’re initially considered ineligible because they hadn’t met certain requirements. Now, these patients are “tagged” accordingly and Form Health employees help them qualify.  

“The reason we were able to pull that off is because we’re able to optimize the workflow and onboard the rest of the patients. The funnel gets larger and more patients come aboard. That’s huge for us.” 

LeadSquared is HIPAA compliant. Book a Demo to know more about LeadSquared’s functionalities.