How California Career Institute Increased Their Lead to Inquiry Conversion Using LeadSquared

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“With LeadSquared, we can take a deeper look at our processes and utilize new technology to study how we’re doing as an institution. We always keep our mission at the forefront of everything we do, and LeadSquared has helped us bring information to students much faster.” 

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Over 10%

Lead to Inquiry Conversion


Start Show Rate



California Career Institute loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Provides a Complete Picture of Team Performance
  • Simplifies Student Communicate
  • Enables Lead Tracking and Monitoring
  • Offers Complete Pipeline Visibility
  • Seamlessly Integrates with All Other Tools
  • Delivers Actionable Insights on Campaigns


Over 10%

Lead to Inquiry Conversion Rate


Start Show Rate



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About California Career Institute

California Career Institute is a student-centered vocational career school focused on delivering the best possible education in healthcare and nursing. Established in 2009, they offer programs in the dental, medical, and vocational nursing field and most recently have added an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in vocational nursing.

With a campus in Anaheim and a satellite classroom in Hawthorne, CCI is accredited by ACCET and has programs designed to meet the industry and community demands.


1. Low Lead to Inquiry Conversion Rates

CCI was achieving a 5% conversion rate from lead to inquiry, which was less than the industry standard of around 10%.

2. Unorganized Database

The student profiles and lead data were all over the place, and the counselors were unable to get data as and when they needed it.

3. Lack of Reporting and Metric Tracking

CCI was unable to assess team performance, and thus failed to find flaws within their operations to make any improvements.

4. No Streamlined Communication Tool

CCI had no proper means of communicating crucial information to students and leads at the right time and had to rely on manual communication practices.

CCI experienced several pain points prior to their partnership with LeadSquared. They wished to achieve a minimum 10% lead-to-inquiry conversion rate, improve their speed to lead, and understand the student profile better. They also wanted to keep track of the student’s stage in the admission process.


Complete Visibility into the Pipeline.

With LeadSquared, CCI can completely understand what their admissions pipeline looks like. CCI can see all the efforts that are made per student via detailed tracking, reporting, and documentation. Student intent is also recorded in the database, and they can understand whether the student has lost interest or is still actively involved in the process. This allows for CCI to capitalize on vital opportunities and pay extra attention to those leads that matter the most.

CCI strongly believes in providing genuine care and support to their students along the journey, from enrollment till graduation. LeadSquared allows them to pay attention and siphon their efforts to maintain good engagement with each prospect.

“We’re able to look at when the lead came in, how long it’s taken us to respond to that student, the conversion from lead to inquiry, and then enable that student through their journey. We can track the entire admissions workflow—the number of interviews conducted, how many students moved to application or enrollment, number of admissions, and each post-admission stage before they finally graduate—on the LeadSquared platform.”

California Career Institute

Actionable Insights Delivered on Demand.

Analytics and Reporting are the bread and butter of growth and constant improvement. LeadSquared’s reporting tools allow for CCI to constantly work on improving their lead to conversion rate, a metric that they focused on since the beginning.

CCI uses the insights provided to them from LeadSquared’s detailed analytics to focus their efforts towards improving admissions to scale up faster.

“LeadSquared has helped us set up our community outreach plan. We can analyze LeadSquared’s in-depth data and reports to find the top zip codes and cities where we need to build our presence.”

California Career Institute

Automation for Tighter Communications.

With LeadSquared’s Marketing Automation, CCI directly speaks to students via email and text. Messages are sent automatically to answer inquiries and engage the students with nurturing campaigns. The student start show rate has been boosted to 85% from 60% because of more personalized, frequent communication with students, making them feel more connected with CCI.

Landing pages also help CCI collect student information with ease. Maintaining a well-organized database of student emails and data has never been easier, and they can create well-targeted campaigns for different segments of students.

“I feel that the way LeadSquared has developed the CRM allows us to take simple steps to create different landing pages that even generate more organic or direct traffic to our website. You can create email templates that help you promote any upcoming events that you’re hosting at your campus.”

California Career Institute

Student Portals for Secure Storage.

Keeping important documents protected and neatly organized is possible with LeadSquared’s Customer Portal features. CCI uses these tools to allow secure, encrypted storage of each student’s ID, high school diploma, social security card details, etc. It also helps during the enrollment process as students know their progression in the admissions journey. CCI can alter their approach based on how far the student has progressed through the sales pipeline.

Important alerts are communicated automatically to the student, which saves a lot of time No student slips through the cracks, and the counsellors do not need to keep an eye on every applicant. If a document is missing, or a signature is not present, they will receive an alert via text or email. This keeps the admission process smooth on both sides.


California Career Institute is more than just a vocational career school. They are here with a mission to change lives and to improve the student experience. They are an institution with a strong focus on shaping minds to go out there and deliver their 100%, and thus it is important for them to communicate these ideals to their students successfully.

Partnering with LeadSquared has helped them analyze their processes and make important decisions with ease. They can communicate directly with students and guide them throughout the admission process. Their communications are automated and gives them insight on when to send follow-up emails, when to push harder and when to pull back. All their efforts have direction behind them, and this streamlined back-end operation allows them to focus purely on growth.

“I think with LeadSquared we’re able to connect with the student and bring about a human touch, which is so critical. The automation and integrations help support the student journey, and advise the students who are researching colleges and courses. Those students are then added into our CRM as leads, and we can even follow up with them in real time.”

California Career Institute