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Accredited by the Government of Canada, and with a proven track record over the last 20 years, Canadian Customer Debt Relief is the 4th Largest Debt Counselling Organisation in Canada. The company has helped thousands of Canadians resolve debts across Credit Cards, Unsecured Loans, Payday Loans, Student Loans, etc.

As a result, they are rated A+ on Better Business Bureau, and their Debt Consultant is famous for providing a swift and customer-centric approach to all problems. LeadSquared has been a proud technology partner of CCDR in building this customer experience and delivering higher sales productivity.


Business Challenges and Priorities

CCDR required a system to manage its end-to-end Marketing & Sales process. In other words, a system to capture leads from various different sources, manage the online document collection process and be a one-stop tool for their consultants to send emails, make phone calls, manage calendars and engage prospective customers over the entire sales cycle.

Few challenges faced by the business were:

  • The team was using primitive automation for sales management that left them without data analysis.
  • Email Deliverability was a big challenge for the company. They wanted to ensure their emails got to a prospects Primary Inbox and not Spam.
  • Their current system did not allow them to track lead activities like –website visits, email opens, link clicks – in real-time.
  • The team wanted to nurture old leads using Marketing Automation regularly, to reactivate them. 
  • The Sales reps were unhappy using the tools they had, and there was poor adoption across the team. The systems being used were non-intuitive for all those who were not tech-savvy.


Solution provided by LeadSquared

LeadSquared became the one-stop solution to streamline the entire debt collection and management process – increasing production capacity while delivering a wonderful experience for all prospects.

“Our team has been looking for a solution like this for a long time. Understanding the ‘Why’ changes the game for us. With 60% improvement in production, LeadSquared has helped us better our sales process and thus streamline our leads in a more efficient manner,”- says Manish, the Sales Onboarding and Training Manager.

Some of the key solution highlights provided by LeadSquared are:


1. Multi-channel Lead Capturing:

The solution supports capturing all your leads from online & offline channels such as website, landing pages, social media, Google Ads, phone calls, and even traditional on-the-ground campaigns.

LeadSquared helps Canadian Customer Debt Relief to acquire leads that directly land on the website or leads that the sales rep adds.


2. Automatic Lead Distribution:

The leads are distributed among the advisors, based on different criteria of one’s choice – including agent availability, past performance, location, or simply in a round-robin fashion. As a result, this immensely helped CCDR in improving their response time.

The inquiries captured by LeadSquared are automatically distributed among the sales reps. As a result, they can follow up with a single point of contact in each organization for lead conversion.

Lead distribution based on agent and lead attributes


3. Email Deliverability:

LeadSquared provided CCDR with an option to send emails from dedicated email servers with high reputation scores. They also configured their DKIM and SPF settings properly to ensure high deliverability even for bulk email campaigns. Efficient customer insight helped in increasing sales productivity.


4. Automated Lead Nurturing:

LeadSquared provides intelligent automation for unique processes. As a result, one can easily create fast and consistent nurturing processes by automating all back-end and low-value tasks.

Communication Automation for Debt Recovery

CCDR uses LeadSquared to manage all sales & marketing tasks – be it updating activities, sharing status updates, tracking website visits, or sending emails and SMS to reactivate old leads.


5. Complete Lead Tracking:

Sales teams can now record every action their lead takes, for example, Phone calls, email opens, website visits, etc. In addition to that, everything, including lead identity and activities, is displayed in a clean time-based flow on the lead activities page.


6. Complete Advisor Productivity Reports:

With the help of LeadSquared, the Sales Directors can track all agent activities in real-time.

Collection Debt Recovery Report

As a result, this has been a great resource while working remotely. It helps to deep dive into the performance metrics using 150+ marketing and admissions reports.


LeadSquared Results:

In conclusion, the team at CCDR now has a 360-degree customer view which provides instant access to all the requisite customer information and the quotation generation turn-around time has reduced to multi-folds.

With the introduction of LeadSquared in addition to the continuous optimization of the product, they have experienced a net increase of 60% in debt collection productivity. And we’re now working together to improve the product further by bringing other parameters as well.

What Canadian Customer Debt Relief achieved with LeadSquared

  • 60% Increase in Sales Productivity
  • Accelerated Debt Collection
  • Building a Consolidated Lead Portfolio
  • Productive Marketing Insights

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