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Rid your team of these worries first…


Manual Data Entry

Classic banking CRMs require manual data entry, which is essentially seen as a chore. Result: No data entry, No pipeline forecasts, and Inaccurate Reports. Plus reduced efficiency too!


Arbitrary Customer Engagement

Your engagement tactics might fall-flat without customer insights & prospect tracking, which happens with most classic banking CRMs. Result: Poor Engagement, Low ROIs and Low CLVs!


No real-time FOS help

Classic banking CRMs don’t have mobile apps. If they do, the necessary efficiency tools for your relationship managers and other feet-on-street teams are missing. Result: Low RM Productivity.

Automate lead capture and data enrichment

Get maximum ROI from every single penny you spend generating leads

Prioritize the accounts and leads to chase first

Use the power of advanced prospect tracking to contact & engage the right people at the right time

Website and email tracking

Track and score the activities of all your prospects and contacts, including their website visits, interactions with emails & text messages, in-person meetings & phone calls with your relationship managers, and much more.

For instance: Ebey Joseph, the Human Resources Head from your key account “ABC Corp,” just spent 10 minutes on the corporate credit card page. You might want to call them and touch base!


News alerts & social intelligence

Advanced news alerts and social signals help your team stay updated with the key happenings with their accounts and prospects, and helps you contact them before your competitors.

For instance: Your prospect Yuan Lee just won EY entrepreneur of the year award. You might want to leave a congratulatory note and touch base.


Your key account “GlowTree Tech” just raised Series A funding. You might want to send a congratulatory note, and attractive offers ASAP!

Location Intelligence

Track your relationship managers’ locations real-time, and notify them of the meetings they can do based on their schedule. This would increase the efficiency of your RMs manifold.

For instance: Jason, now that your meeting at “Hilton Group” is over, you might want to meet your prospect Lindsey from “XYZ Corp.” She’s 500 meters away from you and you don’t have any more meetings scheduled for the day!


Build communication workflows that people love

Sales-driven communication flows that drive conversations

Know your accounts and prospects inside out

360 degree view of prospect and customer

360 degree view of customers & prospects

Get a complete view of your prospects – their demographic and firmographic data, the products they are interested in (based on form fills, website page visits etc.), any significant event on work-front, like a promotion or job change (from social monitoring and news alerts) and more.

Use this intelligence to always connect with them at the right time and make the right pitch.


360 degree view of customer portfolio

Provide your Relationship managers comprehensive insights into account details, prospect details & the account portfolio. They’ll always know the existing products, credit history and cross-sell opportunities, whether they are just touching base with the customer over a call, or out in the field meeting them.

Make your Relationship Managers super-efficient

Send them to field equipped with their work-plan, routes and account information

Task and route planning

Use all the information at hand – account priority, prospect tracking and propensity to buy – to plan their day & their routes to increase their productivity, and help them make more productive meetings on every outing.


Cross-sales recommendations

During a meeting, Relationship Managers can quickly check the customer portfolio, receive cross-sales recommendations based on customer history, and pitch just the right products to them. Increase your CLV with ease

Nearby prospect alerts

If your Relationship Managers have time in hand, in between meetings, they can get recommendations of the prospects in the vicinity that they can visit. This will make every field visit more effective and efficient.


Automate sales activities that eat into your time

Never waste time on redundant tasks again

Analyze performance of every single product, salesperson, region and more

30% faster loan disbursals than before

LeadSquared helps us manage our lending partnerships with banks & NBFCs, and our internal processes across the lending lifecycle (sales, credit, verification & operations) to disburse loans 30% faster than before. Our DSAs are 55% more efficient than before, and all their work is trackable

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