Plug and Play Call Tracking Metrics (CTM) Integration with CRM

Track call details, inbound calls, SMS, and voicemails as leads, activities, or custom objects.

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Improve Caller Experience and Track All Inbound and Outbound Calls

CallTrackingMetrics is a robust call tracking and softphone system to advance your sales strategy. Sales reps can call leads directly from the CRM system in a tap, receive calls, record conversations, and generate reports for faster operations.

By integrating CallTrackingMetrics with LeadSquared CRM, you can track phone calls as leads and activities and prevent lead leakage. You can also make outbound calls (click to call) and record calls in the lead activity history along with other interactions. Plus, you can receive inbound calls and create new leads in the LeadSquared CRM system.


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Benefits of CTM Integration with LeadSquared CRM

Outbound calls are integral to sales processes. About 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone, and it takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. Sales productivity thus depends a lot on sales calling efficiency. Salespeople lose time in finding contact details and then manually dialing their numbers. They can do this in a click by integrating cloud calling systems like CallTrackingMetrics with CRM software.

call automation

Call automation

You can directly make a call (click to call) to a prospect by integrating CallTrackingMetrics with LeadSquared CRM.

lead capture

Capture inbound calls and voicemails as leads

CTM integration with LeadSquared CRM lets you capture all inbound phone calls and voicemails as leads.

lead deduplication

Leads deduplication

A call received from a new number creates a lead in the CRM system. Calls received from existing contacts updates the activity history of the leads.

call logs

Call logs

Record all incoming and outgoing calls. You can access them anytime from the Lead Details page or telephony logs.

call notification

Call notification

Display lead information pop-up to LeadSquared CRM users while receiving an incoming call or placing an outgoing call.

analytics and reports


Access detailed call reports via the LeadSquared CRM dashboard. You can also embed the Call Tracking Metrics (CTM) dashboard to access call logs.

LeadSquared CRM Benefits

Lead Management

  • Lead Tracking
  • Lead Qualification & Scoring
  • Duplicate Blocking
  • Zip Code Based Distribution
  • Performance-based Distribution
  • Distribution Capping

Sales Management

  • Smart Views for Sales Reps
  • Sales Tracking
  • Tasks Reminders and Follow-ups Notifications
  • Conversation Tracking
  • Role-based Access
  • Sales Performance Reports

Sales communication

  • Communication Automation
  • One-on-one Emails
  • Text Messages
  • Phone Call Tracking
  • Click to Call

Mobile CRM

  • Check-in/Check-out & Geo-tracking
  • Call Recording
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Offline Functionality
  • Virtual Training

Automate Call Routing with Leadsquared CRM and CTM Integration

CTM integration automatic call routing

Improve speed-to-lead by routing incoming calls, text messages, and form submissions to the right agents and sales reps.

Using LeadSquared CRM, you can automatically route calls based on the agents’ expertise, location, availability, and other predefined attributes. Instead of handling multiple systems, you can manage all the interactions with leads (including call records) at a unified CRM platform.

Get Softphone App and Tollfree Number for Inbound Calls

Dialing numbers manually come with their hassle. Mistyped numbers, re-dialing, cross-checking the entered number, saving the number for a future follow up, etc. are some of the hassles that salespeople face every day. Desktop softphone apps help in improving your agents and sales reps’ productivity. Instead of dialing the customers manually, your team members can call customers directly from their CRM in just a click.

Having a toll-free number helps you create a professional image. Also, customers do not hesitate to place a call on a toll-free number. It acts as a point of contact and allows you to track inbound calls more effectively. CallTrackingMetrics provides toll-free and softphone (internet calling) services as well, which you can leverage with CRM integration to enable better after-sales support.

CTM Telephony from CRM

Agents/Sales Reps Call Performance Reports

You can monitor the number of calls received, outbound calls made through the system, missed calls, calls that led to conversions, average time spent on the calling, agents’ tone and interaction patterns with customers, and more. It will help you in sales quality audit for performance improvement. You can also embed the CTM dashboard in LeadSquared CRM to access additional CallTrackingMetrics features.

Call Center sales CRM - performance reports

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CTM Integration FAQs

What are phone call tracking metrics?

The call tracking metrics that sales managers should monitor are:
1.Calls made per hour and per day
2.Average call duration
3.Voicemail returns and follow-ups per lead
4.Call source and outcomes
5.Call conversions

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What are call tracking and reporting?

Call tracking and reporting corresponds to identifying the source, caller information, measuring the call quality, frequency, and volume per day, and analyzing it to formulate business strategies.

How to integrate CallTrackingMetrics with CRM?

You can integrate CallTrackingMetrics with CRM using connectors. It is usually a simple process, and you can plug CTM and other applications with CRM software in just a few clicks. Details.

What are the call metrics?

Call metrics are the quantitative assessment of caller performance. It includes call duration, call quality, frequency of calls made per day, customer sentiments, number of deals closed through calling, and more.

What are Call Tracking Metrics charges?

Call Tracking Metrics (CTM) is a tool to track and measure calls. Its business plan starts from $39/month. Details.