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A Feature-packed CRM for Sales

Literally! You don’t have to spend time on operational tasks that don’t involve directly
interacting with customers. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Built-in dialer
Built-in dialer

Call your leads in one click. Log notes. Monitor call metrics.

CRM auto responders
Email, WhatsApp, SMS

Send auto replies. Create bulk campaigns. Track messages 1-1.

Mobile Sales CRM App
Mobile app

Access complete sales CRM features on your mobile device.

lead scoring - sales CRM
Lead scoring

Qualify and prioritize. Distribute accordingly. 100% automated.

sales process automation
Sales workflows

No code. Create workflows for all sales processes.

sales notifications

Create alerts & reminders for tasks assigned, follow-ups, meetings, and more

role-based permissions to use CRM for sales users
Role-based permissions

Distraction-free, secure. Sales reps see only their leads, tasks, & metrics.

disposition forms
Dynamic forms

Single-step/multi-step forms to create leads, opportunities, activities and tasks.

sales regimentation crm
Sales regimentation

Set up processes. Assign targets. Track achievements. Reward champions.

workday planning for sales reps
Workday planning

Assign tasks for the day, and plan meeting routes for your field staff.

sales reports

Measure everything that’s important to you. 150+ ready reports and dashboards.


Integrate what you need. Native connectors, robust APIs, and developer platform.

Run Your Sales on Autopilot

Multiple products, teams, and sales processes—manage everything within one platform

Lead management

From capturing to qualifying, tracking activities, and routing, gain full control of your sales leads with LeadSquared’s Sales CRM. 

sales crm software - lead management
crm for sales pipeline management - manage sales teams and processes effectively

Sales management

Monitor every aspect of your sales process – leads, funnel, salespeople, and revenue.

  • Smart Views: Declutter salespeople’s work area. Reps see only their tasks listed in order of priority.
  • Process automation: Plan, configure, and control your entire sales process with our drag-and-drop workflow builder.
  • Field sales management: Define sales territories, user hierarchies, and goals for your team.
  • Role-based permission for sales reps: Control who sees what and which users can edit, delete, export, or import your data

Opportunity management

Identify and pursue lead or accounts with higher sales potential. Map multiple opportunities and increase customer lifetime value.

  • Prioritize leads that are closer to conversion
  • Manage several opportunities for one single prospect
  • Nurture relationships with different prospects from the same organization
sales crm features - opportunity management
crm for sales and marketing - improve communications


Enable contextual sales communications over Email, Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, and Phone.

  • Click-to-call and record conversation
  • Create and save message templates
  • Set-up multi-channel auto responders
  • Personalize messages with the lead details you have in your sales CRM
  • Track engagement metrics, A/B test various campaigns
  • Record interaction history across all channels to enrich lead details at every step.

Sell on the go with mobile CRM built for field sales

Empower your field agents to be super-productive on the go – make calls, find prospects near them, transfer leads, and sell more. Track your entire field workforce as well. Monitor their geolocation, the meetings they attend, the distance they travel, their attendance and incentives, and everything else in between.

sales crm app
sales force automation in crm - automate processes

Process automation

Build as many automated workflows as you want.
No matter how many products, teams, or sales processes you have – you can manage every single one of them within one platform and sketch several different sales processes simultaneously. Flexible and 100% no-code.


Gain insights into all aspects of your business—product, people, and processes. Track important sales metrics in real-time. Generate role-based reports in one click. Allow salespeople to monitor their progress, managers to check team performance, marketing teams to gain insights on campaigns, conversions, and customers, and more. Ensure everyone is on track with your sales and revenue goals.

sales crm software - reports and dashboards

Generate reports as per the role of salesperson in CRM in just a click.

Conversation tracking

Keep track of emails, WhatsApp messages, texts sent by your team, as well as their open & click rates.

Call reports

Keep a tab on the call volume, connect rate, and successful conversation numbers.

Pipeline reports

Track the number of leads in each stage of the pipeline for your teams and reps.

Field meetings

Keep a tab on the call volume, connect rate, and successful conversation numbers.

Sales closure reports

Keep a tab on all the deals your reps have closed against their commitment.

Revenue reports

Track the revenue contributed by each sales rep, team, region, etc. Identify your best-selling products and top sellers.


Connect your WhatsApp business API, analytics, email, chat, telephony, payment gateways, meeting schedulers, and more with our sales CRM software.  

integrate crm with sales and marketing tools

Brands Love LeadSquared for

Marc Irawan

“Automations helped us cut 70% of manual processes for our sales team.”

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Hicham Moro, Operations Manager Ennoble Care

“We have clear visibility on every single lead that comes in through LeadSquared.” 


“Our loan sales have taken a quantum leap with a significant reduction in our turn-around times.


“Automated lead assignment helps us save a lot of time and bandwidth.”  

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We were able to scale up from a 7-member team to a company of over a hundred employees. Thanks to LeadSquared! 

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What is a sales CRM software?

Sales CRM software is a tool that helps businesses manage their sales process and team. It allows you to track leads, manage your pipeline, and build stronger relationships with buyers. 

Which is the best CRM for sales?

Trusted by many enterprises and startups like Ditto, Practo, Uni, Manipal Hospitals, and more, LeadSquared is the best CRM for sales. 

It automates your sales processes, tracks all interactions your team has with buyers, enriches buyer data progressively, and helps your team work more productively. The best part, it can easily scale as your team grows.  

Can a CRM increase sales?

CRM software can definitely help you increase sales. By automating mundane yet important tasks, streamlining processes and syncing teams, it can make sales reps more productive and eventually increase sales. It can also help identify bottlenecks in the sales process, allowing you to take corrective actions in time.  

Which is the best sales CRM for small business?

LeadSquared is one of the best sales CRMs for small business. 

What is the price of sales CRM?

Sales CRM is typically priced on a per user (or seat) basis, or usage basis. Depending on the features and functionalities, the cost of a CRM may range from INR 800 to INR 5000 per user per month or USD 10 to USD 100 per user per month. Check out LeadSquared sales CRM pricing.

What is CRM in sales? How does CRM help sales? Why is CRM important for sales?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is a valuable tool to manage sales processes and teams. It helps sales reps and managers in the following ways: 

  • Organize customer data: CRM software helps sales teams keep track of all customer data in one place, including contact info, sales history, and notes. This makes it easy for sales reps to stay organized and to know where they are in the sales process with each customer. 
  • Automate tasks: A CRM can automate many tasks, such as sending email reminders, booking appointments, and reporting. This frees up sales reps to focus on building rapport with buyers and closing deals. 
  • Measure performance: CRM software can help track metrics like lead generation and conversion rates, sales cycle length, average deal size, etc. This info can help identify areas where sales teams can improve their performance.