Execute Your Long Running Tasks with Our Cutting-edge Batchjobs Solutions

  • Can run from minutes to even 24 hours 
  • Inbuilt scheduler that allows execution at any predefined time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis 
  • Ability to call any third-party API or connect your database 
  • Write any custom code without restriction of pre-allotted APIs or Libraries 
BatchJobs solutions

What you Can Do With BatchJobs

BatchJobs allow developers to create and execute long-running tasks within LeadSquared, to address custom requirements. They are used to process high volumes of data in a controlled manner without impacting your database or API limits. 

Flexible duration & built-in scheduler 

Execute long-running tasks to address custom requirements 

Our BatchJobs can run for short interval or can extend upto 24 hours, catering to unique CRM needs. Schedule executions of predefined time on daily, weekly or monthly basis 

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Usage & execution report 

Detailed execution reports and alerts 

Monitor the duration of executions and observe usage patterns for all BatchJobs within your account. Gain an overview of execution summaries, including successful and failed instances, and alerts for all jobs across the board 

Detailed logs 

Debug issues faster with detailed logs 

Retrieve the execution status, scheduling information, runtime duration, and custom logs for every instance of your job logic execution 

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Automated retries and email notifications 

Be on top of execution errors with retries & email alerts

Set auto retries to re-execute your code from the beginning for failed jobs. Get notified via email on completion of BatchJobs executions 

Custom code freedom 

Write and execute your own code 

Control how data is processed, what computations are performed, and how the results are generated and stored 

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Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about BatchJobs, check out the complete guidebook of LeadSquared BatchJobs 

Which language is used to write the code in BatchJobs?

You can write code in Python language in BatchJobs.

How long one can run a BatchJobs?

BatchJobs has capability to run from minutes to hours (like even 24 hours).

Is BatchJobs a paid product?

Yes, BatchJobs is a paid product. To enable it in your account, please contact our support team at support@leadsquared.com. They will be happy to assist you with the activation process and provide you with further details about our pricing plans and features.

How are the logs stored for BatchJobs?

In BatchJobs logs are stored for each execution. BatchJobs allows users to write their own logs which will be captured in every execution. 

Can BatchJobs connect to database?

Yes, Batchjobs has capability to connect to the customers’ database and customers’ ETL database, retrieve and process data to produce meaningful output. 

How Can one start the BatchJobs execution?

BatchJobs has inbuilt scheduler which can be utilized to schedule the BatchJobs execution, or you can trigger the BatchJobs via calling an API.

Is there any auto retry mechanism in BatchJobs?

In case of job execution failure, you can set the default number of retries. In case of retry, the execution will be performed from the beginning. 

Can BatchJobs be executed in sequential manner?

Yes, you can define in setting if you want to run BatchJobs in sequential or non-sequential manner. If sequential execution is enabled, next scheduled will start only when previous execution is completed. 

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