transforming automobile and ar sales

Increasing Automobile sales has been an ambitious task since the inception of petrol/gasoline-powered combustion engines. But technology has always provided a winning-edge solution to businesses in the automotive sector. Automotive CRM is one such technology.

The term CRM was coined in the year 1995. Since then, it has positively boasted about the excellent opportunities that it can create to increase sales in the automobile sector. And, technology has kept every promise.

A decent car can last for approximately 12 years, then why people change their cars every four to five years?

It is the power of sales and marketing that persuades them to do so. Automotive CRM enhances this power further by transforming the entire sales procedure into a targeted and streamlined approach. 

So, without further ado, let us see how Automotive CRM will transform the entire sales horizon in the year 2024. 

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Now for the visionaries, here are the details of how Automotive CRM will automate sales and spin the game in 2024. 

Prevent Lead Leakages in Automobile Sales Process

Prevent Lead Leakages in Automobile CRM

Automobile dealerships capture many leads form their websites, PPC ads campaigns, social media, and other channels. Every day leads keep piling up on your excel sheet. Your salesperson puts in his maximum efforts, but unfortunately, some leads get missed in follow-ups. 

You ought to comprehend that your salesperson is also a human being, and making mistakes or forgetting something is an ancestral inheritance that we all retain inside ourselves. 

Automotive CRM distributes your leads to different dealerships and showrooms automatically, based on your prospects’ interests, locations, and several other variables.

Simultaneously, the software creates tasks for your sales consultants. It informs them via text message, email, and mobile app. It ensures that no lead gets missed. 

Transform Automobile Sales with Intelligent Segmentation

Transform vehicles sales with intelligent segmentation

Segmentation of leads is an important task. Your company must assign the lead to the salesperson in such a way that it compliments the demographics and interests of the potential buyer.  

So, when the potential buyer shows interest in a specific model car at a particular location. Automotive CRM will automatically assign this lead to your sales representative, who specializes in that specific model and is close to the buyer’s location. 

Increase Automobile Sales with Channeled Communication

Increase Automobile Sales

The competition in the automotive sector is likely to grow in the upcoming year. With so many companies striving to increase their business, it is essential to nurture every prospect with utmost care. 

Automotive CRM captures every interaction between your prospect and your sales team. It helps you to recapitulate the sales conversation, which was going on with the customer. So, in your next follow-up call or mail, you can take the discussion forward based on the previous conversation logs. 

Prioritize Tasks and Streamline Vehicle Sales Process

Prioritize Task for your sales team

Every lead would not have equal potential to convert into sales. Calling prospects who have very little or no interest in buying is a vague effort. Instead, your sales team should focus more on following up with the prospective client who intend to buy from you or are confused in making a decision.

Now how would you know that the prospect is interested in buying? 

Automotive CRM analyzes all activities of your prospect on the website or other channels. It then assigns them a lead score. For example, when a potential buyer is pondering upon the pricing page, his lead score will be high. 

Based on the assigned lead score, the software prioritizes tasks for your sales team and notifies them. Subsequently, it will increase the efficiency of your team.

Field Sales Tracking Becomes Easier 

Transform Automobile Sales with efficient field sales tracking

When prospects request for a test drive and your feet on the street is out of the office to provide them, how can you track your agents?  

Mobile CRM tracks your feet on the street in the most efficient way. It comes with an auto check-in feature that will record the time at which the test drive as provided and the respective location. 

Additionally, it provides features to add comments of the buyer in the CRM to keep a record of the conversation that happened during the test drive and how the prospect feels about the vehicle. 

Identify Up-sell and cross-sell Opportunites 

Increase Up-sell and Cross-sell opportunities

The power of marketing has always bestowed numerous opportunities for people in the automotive businesses. But, sometimes, these opportunities are taken for granted by your sales team, and they vanish. 

Automotive CRM comes to your rescue here. It notifies your sales team with potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. 

Suppose a person bought a car from you before there years. Now, the Automotive CRM will notify your sales team that he may be interested in upgrading the vehicle. Accordingly, your sales team can follow up. 

Similarly, when a person has bought a car. CRM will immediately notify the insurance team that the person may be interested in purchasing insurance. 

Improve Customer Retention Rates

Increase service revenue

After a successful sale, it is vital to maintain the trust of your buyer. This will realize a long term relationship and hence, more opportunities for you to make future sales.

You can maintain this relationship by engaging the buyer with vehicle maintenance schedules. Automotive CRM will notify your service team to remind the buyers of their upcoming servicing dates automatically.

Achieve your Sales target in 2024

I am positive that you must have forecasted and established a sales goal in 2024 for your Automobile Dealership. This year, incorporate Automotive CRM in your dealership and be ready to surpass the estimated target. 


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