Websites to Generate Higher Education Leads in Singapore

Singapore’s educational system has been deemed by OCED as one of the best in the world. As Singapore’s economy began to grow in the 1980s, the emphasis of the country’s educational system moved from quantity to quality.

We can certainly get an indication of how much significance the country places on its education sector by the fact that it spends 19.96% of its total expenditures on education, of which 35.28% is spent on higher education. Singapore is one of the top student destinations in Asia, earning two rankings among the top 15 universities worldwide in the QS World Rankings 2022.

Singapore’s education policies have given rise to prominent higher education institutes, both in the public and private sectors. Education is a vibrant sector catering from the primary to the higher education levels. A large education industry also increases the competition and hence, getting high-quality leads for your institution becomes an important task. This article will help you shortlist a few websites to generate student leads.

15 websites to generate higher education leads

Here are some of the websites for generating high-quality leads for higher education institutions in Singapore.

College Boards

College board websites mostly get students as visitors. Since such websites are quite focused on higher education options, these websites get visitors who have just graduated and are looking for courses for the next degree. Some websites with remote courses, also attract working professionals. Moreover, parents frequent such platforms to learn more about the options in higher education for their children. College boards are indispensable when it comes to generating leads for your organization. You can enlist your institute on these platforms, partner up with them, or even advertise on their web pages.

Here are some of the most relevant college board websites for higher education in Singapore.

1. U-Multirank


U-Multirank is a user-driven, multidimensional method for rating higher education institutions globally. It uses 5 areas of university activity—teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation, and regional engagement—while rating the performance of higher education institutions. The 2022 edition of U-Multirank includes 30 subject rankings and 2,202 institutions from 96 different countries.

You can get your education institution listed on U-Multirank using the contact form on their website.

Bonus: U-Multirank has a diverse blog section with a lot of relevant information regarding higher education in Singapore. This information can help students understand the educational landscape of the country better. Also, the blog posts guide students and parents in making informed decisions using the ranking tools on the website.


2. GetUniOffer


GetUniOffer is a portal that connects students to universities. They provide students with a single platform that helps them pick an ideal course. Students may design their résumé and connect with other institutions using it. Universities actively seek out students as well.

To become a GetUniOffer partner, you need to contact them via their email on their contact page.

Bonus: Students may select their ideal course, without paying agents or middlemen. Most of the institutions offering courses via GetUniOffer don’t have application fees.


3. FindAMasters


For more than 15 years, FindAMasters has aided students in their search and comparison, and research into master’s degrees. They have created a variety of helpful advice articles and current financing resources during that period. Students’ inquiries concerning master’s programs will be assisted by their postgraduate study manuals and frequently asked questions. They also provide introductions to other master’s degree programs, including the LLM, PGCert, PGDip, and PGCE programs, as well as the MA, MSc, MRes, MPhil, MLitt, and MBA programs.

FindAMasters has an informative section for providers. You can advertise your master’s courses with them. They support display advertising, email campaigns, and also provide dedicated portals to manage your content

Bonus: They discuss some of the finest choices for affording a master’s degree, such as postgraduate loans, Erasmus money, and other possibilities.



Students may use StudyLink to look up undergraduate or graduate programs at colleges in Singapore and across the world. Finding the ideal course is simple with their user-friendly search tools. A substantial database of courses from colleges all around the world is offered by StudyLink. To choose the best course for them, students may utilize their course search and get in touch with the course provider directly.

StudyLink has a separate section for institutions. They can advertise on the website. You can also enlist your institution on its dedicated platform.

Bonus: Students may discover all the guidance they want here to begin studying abroad, whether they are seeking details on visa requirements or financing possibilities. To provide the students with all the information they need to decide what and where to study, they offer thorough subject guides as well as study location recommendations.


5. CourseFinder | MOE


The CourseFinder by MOE is the official website of the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The CourseFinder portal allows students to explore the courses offered by public colleges and educational institutions. They also have other information such as information regarding loans and scholarships. Organizations that wish to be listed on this website must register with MoE.

Bonus: Being an official government website, the CourseFinder provides accurate information regarding courses, financial aid, and awards to both parents and students.


6. SagePaths Global Education

SagePaths Global Education

SagePaths Global Education was founded in Singapore in 2006 and has more than 15 years of expertise in the study abroad education sector. Their education planning team is made up of Singaporeans with extensive experience studying abroad who have graduated from regionally accredited universities.

SagePaths provide multiple services to students, and universities can partner with them to receive leads. Since SagePaths is primarily a consultation service, you can contact them to have your institution enlisted.

Bonus: Students who wish to know about the Singapore Education system and talk to a consultant about their preferences, find the right direction to do so on SagePaths. 


7. Mastersportal

Mastersportal is a higher education information portal that allows students to browse through higher education courses in various countries. It helps students research and select masters, PhDs and other post-graduation courses. It offers separate portals as per the student’s needs, for example, the Ph.D. portal, the short course portal, and the distance learning portal.

Studyportals has an institutions page, allowing institutions and agents to get in touch with them.

Bonus: Mastersportal is a dedicated portal for master’s programs and does not enlist other courses. Therefore, students who are looking only for a postgraduate degree can visit this website.


8. Leverage Edu

Leverage Edu

Leverage Edu is a comprehensive website that contains course information, news updates, application processes, and more under a single umbrella. As one of the fastest growing ed-tech firms, Leverage Edu has influenced more than 15000 careers to date. It provides financial information, test preparation guidance, and multiple other products.

Institutes can directly contact to become a partner university at Leverage Edu.

Bonus: Leverage Edu has a comprehensive solution for acing competitive exams that are needed to get into universities, or to apply for scholarships. They also have a scholarship program.


9. Unipage


UniPage is a multinational education agency that started in 2008 and expanded globally. UniPage became a registered agency in 2013 after developing into an actual specialist in global education over time. Now, Unipage also handles institutions in Singapore.

Universities and schools can easily register themselves as academic partners. UniPage has a dedicated partner portal for onboarding institutions. The website also allows text and video-based display ads to generate leads.

Bonus: UniPage provides a no-cost consultation. They constantly offer thorough and unbiased information. In the initial session, UniPage mentors will address all the queries of a student regarding studying abroad and will walk them through the step-by-step communication process. They may be reached by phone or in person, whatever is more convenient for the student.


Career Portals

Both students and job seekers use career portals to understand the state of the industry and find jobs. Career portals help to graduate students, find new jobs, or understand how to upskill themselves. For job seekers, career portals are a useful gateway to remote courses, besides being a source of job listings. Often working professionals look for opportunities to resume education by enrolling in higher education courses.

By enlisting yourself on such portals, you can reach out to multiple prospective enrollees for your different courses. 

10. Myskillsfuture


MySkillsFuture is a one-stop shop for Singaporeans looking to upgrade their skills as they pursue lifelong learning. People may see more than 20,000 courses that are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit, claim their credit, and learn more about the most in-demand skills on the Course Directory.

MySkillsFuture provides a partner portal. Partners can enlist their courses, or even be prospective employers of the users on the portal.

Bonus: MySkillsFuture provides multiple self-assessment tools that students can use to better understand which industries would be suitable for them.



Your target audience, students, parents, and even higher education consultants, frequently visit blogs and information websites to learn about the latest trends in higher education, research courses, or just get a few tips on the admission process.

Your business can gain visibility and eventually generate leads by collaborating with these websites by writing a guest blog or running display ads on their platform.

11. Campus Magazine

Campus Magazine

Singapore-based Campus Magazine is a publication for young people. Despite having a wealth of student-focused content, they are not a student-run medium. They do, however, have hundreds of student writers that provide pieces on a variety of subjects, from education to lifestyle to local events, so they remain pertinent to our readership.

To reach out to more students, institutions can directly contact them using their contact page.

Bonus: Campus Magazine has an interesting podcast section that the younger audience may be drawn to and associating your university with this publication may increase visibility and draw in admissions.


12. Singteach


Singteach is a website dedicated to the goal of bridging the gap between teaching practicea and education. Singteach allows teachers to better cater to their students and also improve their lives through cutting-edge education research.

Singteach publishes articles written by people from academia. Institutions can publish their contributions and reach out to a wider audience through Singteach. This also shows how well the institution is prepared to handle the newer methods of teaching.

Bonus: Students and parents can go through the issues posted on the website to know more about how education research directly affects them.


13. Digital Senior

Digital Senior

Digital Senior is an online portal that aims to bring together the students of Singapore. The platform was started by students to bring transparency regarding academia. It is a community for everyone seeking higher education and lifetime learning in Singapore. They want to build a “digital senior” through this initiative so that everyone can learn how to manage college life in Singapore.

Digital Senior has an advertising section that allows institutes to show display ads and more. After accounting for social media followers, Feedspot lists DigitalSenior among Singapore’s top 3 education blogs. 65 percent of the young, working adults that makeup 80 percent of DigitalSenior’s audience in Singapore are very interested in higher education and professional opportunities.

Bonus: Digital Senior provides a resourceful section for comparing universities and scholarships in Singapore.


News Websites

Numerous demographic groups browse news websites. News websites are perfect for banner advertisement. Moreover, most news websites are ad-supported. They also allow guest blogs. By collaborating with the appropriate websites, you may still connect with students, parents, and working professionals. Here are a few websites that focus on the education industry and assist you in connecting with the relevant leads.

14. The Summit Express

The Summit Express

The Summit Express is a reliable news channel that focuses on Southeast Asia. This portal offers content in several areas, including news, entertainment, technology, and sports. You can advertise on their website. More information regarding advertisements can be found on their website’s advertisement page.

Bonus: The Summit Express gets readers from all across Southeast Asia. This makes it ideal for reaching out to international students.


15. Singapore Education

Singapore Education

Singapore Education is a directory of schools and colleges in Singapore. The website is part of the World Education Network or WEN. WEN is a distinctive network of more than 165 educational portals that spans all seven continents and most of the world’s nations.

Classified ads, Website builder for educational service providers, free directory listing, articles,  and press releases are all permitted on the platform. You can directly contact them by email.

Bonus: The platform lists all the renowned ranking systems for university rankings. Students can easily visit the ranking lists from a single place.


And that brings us to end of this list of websites that’ll help you generate student leads in Singapore. As an educational institute, you aim to convert each lead that you’ve generated into admissions. And you can achieve this with a dedicated CRM to optimize admissions.  

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  2. Define the admissions process from beginning to end for the student.
  3. Payment gateway integration, allowing faster admissions.
  4. Workflows and marketing processes that are completely automated.
  5. Boost sales and marketing activity through granular tracking and comprehensive monitoring.

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