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Schools find recruiting students to be more than a little bit competitive. Students have more access to information about the schools they want to attend than ever before. The key to recruiting students is building a relationship with them. You obviously cannot do that with every single prospective student in person, so how can you leverage technology to begin a relationship with a prospective student that takes them from general interest to enrollment?

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The answer is a school management system. Through a series of technological tools, you can customize the recruiting atmosphere for potential students and for recruitment officers. Together, all the parts work together to help boost school enrollment.

A school management system can tell your institution’s story, which is what students want to hear about. They want to know what your school can offer them, and hearing its marketing story is how they want that information delivered. With a school management system, you can tell that story in a way that clicks with prospective students.

Your Brand

Your school has its story, which may involve its history, core values, areas of research, etc. That story is part of the school’s brand. You want to deliver the message of your brand to your potential students in the same way a  retail brand would use their message to attract customers. Students want to know what will interest and engage them about your institution, and telling your brand story in a compelling way through a school management system can help convey that message effectively.

It’s critical that you know not just what your students want from a school. You need to know what motivates them, what they’re passionate about. With this information, you can change your brand’s message to meet their needs. With a school management system, you can adjust your message by tracking data and analytics from your recruiting and marketing efforts so that it resonates more with your prospective students. They have so many potential institutions they can apply to. What makes yours any different from others?

School Management System

Colleges only reach 34 percent of their enrollment goals. With a student management system that effectively shares the school’s brand with potential applicants, that statistic can improve significantly

School Management System - Drip MarketingOne tool in the student management system is drip marketing, which offers a visual workflow builder to set out the paths to conversion you can create with your students. When an event sets off your recruiting department’s workflow, an admissions officer can send out a welcome email and then send it out with a different subject if it goes unopened. Another option is to update the lead to warm if the potential student opens the email. You’ll have the ability to see where any given recruit is in the application process and get a quick idea of how they’re feeling about potentially engaging with the school more. This allows an admissions officer to use different methods of reaching out to them if the student seems receptive.

Furthermore, you can automate funnel movement to update lead stages automatically when a trigger activity happens. Your admissions team can receive instant notifications of an admission activity that occurs that might lead to enrollment. These tools empower the admissions department to act immediately to create that pivotal relationship with a potential future student. Additionally, you can sync complex business processes or create an interconnected system to update data in other marketing apps and customer relationship management systems the institution utilizes.

School Management System - FunnelEmail marketing is another engaging way to build relationships with students who are not ready to engage in real-time conversations about the university. You can create beautiful emails from our drag-and-drop builder and use several templates to create personalized content to email lists. You can create a series of emails to be sent out automatically to leads who are at different stages of the enrollment process, thus keeping them engaged and interested in learning more.

Your recruitment team doesn’t need any coding skills to create brilliant emails that will engage and elicit positive responses from potential students. You can increase the conversion rate by specifically targeting particular email lists with certain emails sent at the right time in the recruitment process. Using the analytics available for the email tool we provide, you can replicate a future email that gets a lot of engagements.

Our student management system also includes well-designed landing pages that you can put on your school’s site to engage potential students. You keep your website domain, but we host the landing pages. Autoresponders will grab potential students’ attention and keep them engaged with the promise of a real person reaching out to them soon to answer their inquiries.

Post Enrollment Engagement

School Management System - ListsAnother feature of our student management system is that it empowers you to establish a personalized relationship with each potential student from the first time they engage with your brand through to the first day of class. You can create email lists that reflect students’ interests, activities, and demographic characteristics. This lets you write customized emails that will speak to them as individuals and show what your college can offer them. Smart list segmentation allows you to perform custom list actions. You can send an email to all of the leads on a list or even to a call center application that auto-dials students. These tools help your school to work smarter, not harder.

Our technology can be easily integrated with all of your other marketing apps and tools so that you can capture leads from various sources and then sync the data with your CRM program. This cuts down on your response time to students so that you are able to create and maintain more meaningful conversations and relationships with potential students and turn leads into enrollments.

When you analyze all of the data that your college will generate from its various marketing outlets with our easy-to-use integration tools, you can jump on emerging trends, and try new ways to reach your audience and replicate what is working. Data is king, as they say, and this is also true when it comes to understanding who your leads are and what they want from their higher education experience.

Each day, your student recruitment team will easily be able to see their schedule on their dashboard. They’ll know who to follow up with and when. The system sends email and phone alerts to get in touch with individual potential applicants. Each conversation, whether phone, email, or chat, is recorded on one space so that recruitment officers are able to remember each person they have communicated with and know what steps to take next as they guide the leads toward enrollment.

Marketing and recruitment come together in our powerful LeadSquared student management system. This improves communication and relationship-building with future students and gets both marketers and recruiters on the same page. This connected system cuts costs and offers DIY tools, data, and analytics that will significantly increase student enrollment.

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