Healthcare has become super mainstream. What with the sedentary lifestyles that we lead and the addiction to technology, our health woes are aplenty. There are are so many businesses that have propped up with the intent to solve these problems. But where do you find quality healthcare leads?

healthcare leads

As I said already, healthcare has become a wide umbrella with many specializations. You cannot simply approach anyone and ask them if they want to be treated for diabetes. You need to know who actually needs the treatment or solution that you are providing.

In this article, let us discuss how you can attract relevant and high quality leads to your website.

Finding Healthcare Leads – The Basics

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of healthcare products – those that deal with the health of a patient generally, covering all kinds of illnesses, conditions, and treatments. The other kind focuses on a specific type of illness or treatment – for example, dermatology.

The strategies for building leads for the two are similar, but the type that focuses on specific illnesses can be easier to obtain leads for.

Where “healthcare” is a generic catch-all term, building your advertising campaigns around a particular condition will make your choice of keywords potentially easier.

Let’s take a look at 6 simple ways to attract healthcare leads.

healthcare leads

1. Build a good website

Having a website is the cornerstone of healthcare lead generation, and ensuring it is SEO optimized will aid you in gaining visitors. The content of your site will need to be based on the healthcare options you are offering.

If you want leads for hospitals or urgent care, your content will need to focus on that. If you’re looking for pharmaceutical leads or medical equipment leads, your content will need to provide relevant information.

The more content you can provide that is informative and useful, the better. You will attract more visitors, and build up brand awareness and trust. You should definitely think of doing local SEO if you want to increase footfall to your clinic.

2. Advertise online

Your website can be advertised online through PPC adverts on search engines as well as through video content on YouTube. Keep in mind that videos should not just directly promote your site but should also be informative.

Perhaps you could create a video with a guide on how health insurance works, on the treatment of a minor condition, or on the benefits of regular check-ups. This could provide an in-road for building a relationship with a potential lead.

Existing healthcare and medical sites will almost certainly have an established user base or consistent traffic, and advertising on sites like this could generate a large number of leads. Unfortunately, you may find that advertising is simply not permitted on many of these sites as they already have marketing agreements in place or may even find it unethical to advertise services they may not have used themselves.

The only way to find out is to make inquiries and put forward the benefits to the sites. Perhaps you could offer a percentage of each sale you make or indicate how more people may use their site if they have easy access to other products and services like your own.

3. Use social media

Social media provides a great opportunity to reach out to people and engage in conversations. This is particularly important in the healthcare market as nothing is more important to people than their health, and they might want answers and reassurance before becoming engaged enough to become your patient.

While property can come and go, people are acutely aware that they only get one body and want to confirm that everything is going to be fine before they commit. You can give them the answers they need as well as providing information that is useful to other users of the platform.

You can take this even further by using sites like Quora and Reddit to answer (or even pose) questions. Building trust in this manner will only help you to attract more leads.

4. Have regular podcasts or webinars

You don’t need to be a medical expert to create a podcast for generating healthcare leads. A friendly demeanor with the ability to provide answers based on the products and services you provide may be all that is needed to build interest.

But, if you can convince leading healthcare experts to speak for you, even better. You can even conduct webinars for people to join in real-time. This increases your credibility as a healthcare provider and helps them take you seriously.

5. Find leads offline

To effectively generate leads you need to be noticed by those people who would be most likely to use your services. In the online world, you may find it is possible to advertise on medical websites, but not every site accepts advertising.

A prime location for finding healthcare leads will be in real-world locations that they frequent. If you are looking to sell healthcare insurance, you may find it possible to advertise in hospitals or doctor’s offices for example. This may be with signs on the wall or leaflets that are given away in waiting rooms.

The upside for the medical practitioner is that they may get more business this way – but you could also offer a commission for every health insurance policy that you sell to a lead generated from this method.

6. List on aggregator platforms

There are a lot of listing sites that your patients may frequent to find a healthcare professional. Ensure that you also pay for a spot on these platforms. They can be a steady source of leads as these leads have spent considerable time and money building credibility.

If you are a healthcare business that services various concerns, you can create multiple listings for every service that you provide. This could help you understand which exact concern your lead is looking to treat.

In conclusion

Okay, so we’ve discussed at length about how you can generate quality healthcare leads. But what happens after? You need to get yourself a good healthcare CRM that can help you manage and engage with these leads that you capture.

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